The surprise honeymoon in…

5.30 am: Got up after just 3 hours of sleep, still wondering where we’re going for honeymoon! It wasn’t until we were at Dragon Air’s check-in counter that I found out we’re going to…. PHUKET! After being picked up by a private car!, we checked into a 1000 sq ft. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living, dining, kitchen, terrace apartment at Marriott Mai Khao Vacation Club. Wow, this HUGE apartment was so amazing (the master bathroom was 2 times our HK bedroom!). (I later learnt that we had E & B to thank for this wonderful honeymoon!) And of course, the first thing we did…. fall asleep. And then about an hour later:

Me: Where are the others?? Let’s go get everyone
We’re alone now.
Me: Huh..??

Yup that’s how much I was missing everyone Sad smile 

After a quick shower, I came out to see this cute little surprise spread out on the bed! (no wonder  Tom told me there’s no need to bring slippers!)


We started with a walk in the solitary Mai Khao beach. It was a national protected property so no vendors/umbrellas/etc. were allowed. But alas, the waters were too rough in this season.

DSC_0161DSC_0166 DSC_0165


And the first day ended with over-priced italian food in the resort next door (bad recommendation from Trip Advisor Sad smile )


The next day, we took a day trip to the city where we saw SWENSENS!!! I couldn’t believe it!!! I still remember our first awesome family holiday, summer of 1995, when Mom was pregnant with Jelly. When departing Singapore, at the airport, we ate at a very fancy ice-cream place where they served us a very fancy ice-cream dish with smoke (well I didn’t know it was dry ice then). I just remember they had the most delicious ice-cream ever. It wasn’t so delicious here though, just normal. And cheap actually.

The Padong beach was disappointment… so commercial, dirty, lots of err… older men with very young girls… and made me really feel like you were in the movie “Broken Down Palace”.  It was so bad, I didn’t even think of taking any pictures!   But we didn’t leave without first having a cold “dab pani”, oh those days when Dad brought them home from the morning market…

And ate some disappointing Thai food (well, HK thai food is PRETTY good in comparison, and this awful place was again highly recommended at tripadvisors Sad smile )

And of course the famous lady boys… On our way to the Padong, our driver was telling us how his brother is a lady boy, and how his son also wants to be a lady boy when he grows up. He already spends a whole hour on make-up before he goes to school (the boy is about 14). Amazing how it is there!

But the best was yet to come…Winking smile



  1. anne

    the photos are really fun and sweet !!! love your sunset picture~~~more honeymoon stories ~~~

  2. haha yes but actualyl it was very very hot there , feel dehydrated very quickly

  3. Leena

    lol…where are the others?! haha

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