And its been a month!!

Can’t believe its already 1 whole month that we are Mr. & Mrs.!!! To mark the number “1”, (and that we’ve finally been together in the same city together for more than 3 consecutive weeks!), we went for dinner at our favourite restaurant, one that we discovered few months ago by randomly walking into it after I got off at work at 9.30 pm on a Friday Sad smile

Presenting: Antipasto

I’ve been to both the branches in Central and Wan Chai, love the food and service in both places.


A really delicious house-made mustard mayo.


Portobello mushrooms topped with spinach, goat cheese, tomatoes and basil. It was SO GOOOOD. The goat cheese was soooo warm, and the whole dish was soo fresh!!! Have to learn how to make!!


Salad with Tom’s favourite cheese – GORGONZOLA!


Tenderloin steak with King Prawn, Vegetables, Potatoes and Mushroom Sauce. This steak was sooo well done, just pink, finally found a place in HK that sells good steak at reasonable price! =D


IMG_0163 IMG_0168

And a scrumptious Ravioli, and it was vegetarian too!


And for desserts…..a little surprise…


The best chocolate fondant cake ever!!! And baked apple pie with ice cream… Ooh how I love all desserts that’s hot and cold! MMmmm

IMG_0171 IMG_0149


And despite being in Hong Kong for soooo long, we finally got a picture together in SOHO! 1 month passed so fast!! Unbelievable. Missing everyone already.




  1. ANNE

    i love antipasto too!!! haven’t tried the steak, good recommendation! and happy one month anniversary to you guys!

  2. You are a beautiful couple, happy anniversary! 🙂

  3. Leena

    the food looks soooo good! was that in so ho too?!

    • yep in soho but thye have a branch in Wan Chai thats also very good.
      that goat cheese was soooo good you would have loved it, and the pizzas and pastas were the same price as eating at pizza hut or spaghetti house.

      surprisingly reasonable prices!! the risotto there is amazing. i forgot to get pictures of the restuarant itself.

  4. elizabeth

    hey mr. and mrs. chen! you guys look so cute together. nice dress lily, love the pattern and cut. the restaurant items look so delicious, can’t wait to visit!

    • i REALLY hope we catch each other while you’re here!! we’d go to this restaurant (and a ton of other chiense places 🙂 minus tom though 😦

      btw, dress is forever21! see, i todl you i get most of my stuffs from H&M and Forever21 =D

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