Home-made: Zha Zhoi tofu and pork

Today was T’s last flight from SH! Final return from SH after packing up and returning the rental there.  Finally we have only 1 apartment, 1 home.  Thought it’d be nice to come home to a home-made Hakka meal 🙂




  1. Leena

    How to make this? Steamed?

  2. Leena

    Did u buy live shrimp?

    • Yeah! Mom used to make it steamed, i think i prefer it steamed. Shillong ahyee made this a lot.
      – stir fry pork,
      – stir fry cha choi
      – stir fry both together
      – add in tofu in end (i used soft tofu so icouldn’t really stir fry much else it’d break up
      i was thinking to do a step-by-step photo thing too, but it was kinda hard to do that alone!

      i couldn’t tell whether the cha choi was cooked well or not cos the pork did not have enough flavour of the cha choi but tom seemed to really like it oh well hehe. next time i’ll try to make it steamed.

      YES i bought live shrimp, (reduced price from supermarket at end of day!:) )
      washed and steamed for 15 mins – it was overcooked so i’ll try 10 mins next time. it was missing the soya + fresh chillies. should i put something on the shrimp before steaming?

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