“My Word, My Will”

This weekend we said “goodbyes” to our best friends here in Asia. Parting is always so difficult – the first time leaving home for Uni was the first most difficult parting ever. After that, every visit with a family still ends with a bittersweet parting, but the first is always a milestone in life. I look back an go “when I was a kid…”

While on our own in a foreign land so far away from home and family, in a way, our friends are our family, who grow up with us in our vulnerable and crazy 20s, with whom we’ll look back and go “when we were in our 20s…”

We gave Anne a farewell dinner, at Al Dente. First up – do NOT go to this awful restaurant!!!  It had such a high rating on openrice.com, we though it’d be good, what a complete disappointment. The seafood was so not fresh, the service was poor, and food was BAD. Can’t believe it was so full despite the poor food .

Although we have our differences and I hope with time we’ll grow, but few will understand the difference between Vita Lemon Tea or Vita CEYLON Lemon tea, love for silly TV shows, or coming home as a 20 something to a teeny tiny apartment and able to talk freely about your mundane day at work, or your worry for the upcoming exam, visa applications, dream job, dream guy, or the “how do I look in this?” after a shopping spree : )

So here’s wishing you all the best and see you soon, wherever =D

photo 52
photo photo 21
Dessert surprise from Anne



  1. Anne

    It’s been a month!!! I miss you, the silly days we were hanging out, all of it. School is busy. And I dont even have time to shop. Forgot to bring the formal browse with me !!! Haha update me more!!

    • Woh! Finally you “visit” me!! =D miss you too house is very quiet hehe.
      what did yo ufroget formal BLOUSE?
      i AM updating you … via this blog…. and i’d update you on skype/gchat but i never see u online.

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