See you soon, Hoefmans!

Its hard to believe Tom met Eric at the very first networking event he attended in Shanghai. Eric was the first person he talked to at that event, in 2009. And since then they’ve become partners in crime – they’ve done 2 ventures together (and still doing!), lived together, celebrated each other’s bachelorhood, and gotten married. If you know me, I’m very reserved, introvertish, and have few friends. Eric & Barbara are the few friends I can feel completely comfortable and myself with, knock on their door anytime, make ourselves at home in their huge apartment, watch movies at night after dinner, just completely relaxed and informal, and speak freely about anything. I remember a time when things were rough, while all friends told T: “long distance is troublesome, find another one” , E & B told Tom, “Well, that’s why you have these budget airlines, so you can visit Lily!” And this was even before they knew me.

Eric organized a Smurf themed Bachelor party for Tom

Eric organized the most amazing, cosy and fun bachelor party for Tom – and what a sweet one because it did not revolve around drinking and girls, but around a belgian/chinese theme and the fiancée (me! hehe, I was so touched!). He’s also the one that Tom called when he told me: Damn, I forgot something for the honeymoon in our apartment, I’ll have to ask Eric to bring it. They arrived only 1 day before our wedding at Amsterdam, still full of jetlag, yet, the minute they reached our wedding venue, they were real good sports, immediately took off their coats and got to helping Tom with the set-up that afternoon doing all kinds of lantern hanging, knots tying, chair covers.


We’re really gonna miss you two! Few people we can call such friends that we can freely call up be it for a dinner, a logistic favour or errand, a movie late at night or unafraid to ask for help.

I once took them to our favourite Italian place, Antipasto in Wan Chai, and when they were in Hong Kong this past weekend, Eric actually ASKED to eat the same amazing ravioli!! Great!! So we took them to Antipasto in Soho to see the night life in Hong Kong. And of course – Antipasto did not fail to amaze us again.

Antipasto platter for 2 Portobello Mushrooms with Goat Cheese

Yup, Tom and I shared our appetizers with E & B. We always do this! Although its normal here in Asia, its not normal especially in Europe. That’s how relaxed and comfortable we are with them hehe! I don’t think we can do this with any of T’s friends! We ordered a platter for 2 persons (and 1 person represented 1 couple for us hehe)


Left, Seafood Risotto with Mushroom in Cream Sauce: Mmmm, this was soo good, it had salmon, shrimp, mussels, octopus and mushrooms, very heavy, very rich, scrumptious!
Right, Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli: Eric ordered the same ravioli we had last time!


Quattro Formaggi Pasta: This dish is perfect for any cheese lover – it was SO HEAVY even Barbara could not finish hers. and you can see that huge piece of Gorgonozola even : ) Tom also ordered this and of course – he finished the whole thing easily. Gotta learn how to make this dish!

I don’t think we can share this way or say “can I try your pasta” in Belgium. But then, I was surprised when E told me that he always uses a WOK to cook1` everything. No, none of his parents are Chinese, its just his Mother always used a wok, and then he found the wok so convenient that he used a wok too. Isn’t that cool? : )

Hope you liked our little dessert surprise! =D See you soon (with baby F) – be it in Utrech, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Brussels… or wherever!




  1. Eric & Barbara

    Wow! We loved your dessert Surprise Lily & Tom!
    You blogpost is quiet a surprise, very touching and amazingly kind! Thank you guys!
    It was great seeying you again in HK!

    We are gonna miss you too for now as well, but we will defintely visit you when we are in Europe again! 🙂

    Eric, Barbara & ferasse

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