Chi Lin Nunnery

This month, we went to give thanks (and ask blessing!) from a Buddhist temple.  Despite having lived just 30 seconds away from this temple for 3 years, I’ve never visited it. Today, its like 10 mins walk from where we live.  It was quite a touristic spot with lots of western tourists.  I have to say that the temples I liked most were the ones in Calcutta where the rooms were carpeted for you to kneel and sit, extremely quiet, with nuns/monks always there saying prayers, the smell of incense everywhere, a very cosy yet open feeling. Here, it was like an open courtyard with rooms with the statues, but each room was just an open door where you give your prayers, you’re not allowed to enter the room. The place was full of tourists and photo enthusiasts. Its really nice to have a big temple in the midst of a residential area.

The Park opposite the nunnery and behind my old home in Diamond Hill

Dutch tourist



  1. I’ve just been browsing through you blog and your posts have very happily reminded me: (1) that I’ve been meaning to visit this nunnery and I’d better go while it’s cool; and (2) that I need to make spare ribs soon! Cheers, Jen

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