Sushi Love (Genki Sushi)

The past few weeks Leena has been telling us – we better go out to eat all those things we can’t eat easily in Europe! So before Tom left, we went to eat Sushi.


I did not always like Sushi. It was an acquired taste for me. My first memory of really enjoying a full Sushi meal was when Liz & Joe took me to an “All You Can Eat Sushi”, somewhere on Highway 7 in Toronto for lunch. (And surprisingly, it is cheaper than eating in HK at 17 CND per person!) Tom on the other hand, loved sushi the first time he tried it – in Hong Kong, during exchange. I remember thinking, How have YOU never eaten Sushi? You come from an advanced country and the heart of Europe. I thought advanced meant advanced infrastructure, and systems and all PLUS multi-cultural, international, global. (yeah, not exactly)

We’re definitely gonna miss living right opposite a sushi place. Not the best sushi place, but for 150 HK$ per person, Genki’s is a good deal. Yikes, that’s 15 euros per person for a full sushi meal, impossible to have this in Europe : (

Waiting for our number 79

Round 1 – Fatty Salmon, Tuna, Beef (yes, its GOOD!), Egg, Jumbo Scallop, Sweet Shrimp

My favourite – Jumbo Scallop

Steamed Egg White Custard with Crab Stick Meat and Mushroom –
its sooo smooth inside, really wonder how its made!

Round 2 – Salmon Roe, Fatty Salmon (again!), Swordfish, Salmon Roll

DSC_05225  DSC_05472

Of course, we rounded the meal with hot miso soup, but I didn’t get a photo.



  1. Anne

    Remind me How much i love scallop and fatty salmon!!!!

    • would you like some? 🙂
      I will miss it SO MUCH in europe 😦 have you had sushi yet? (not bento, SUSHI). i giuess htey must have there as well but veyr expensive?

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