Lamma Island

When E&B were here, we thought we’d take them to a less touristy destination – a trip to Lamma Island.  We’ve been to Lamma Island twice, and both times we started out with a delicious singara from an Indian shop. But this time, we decided to take the boat that landed on the other side as it was the earliest boat.



Within 3o mins, my legs were filled with dozens of mosquito bites, more than 20…scratch  scratch.  So we decided not to do the whole “hike” across the island and instead just visit the beach.



Followed by a dinner at the Rainbow Restaurant…

DSC_0393 DSC_0394 (2)

It. Was. Awful. Sooo overpcied! I still remember our very first visit to Lamma Island. When we were just friends : ). We had dinner at this very same restaurant for 100 HK$ per person with fresh boiled shrimp, scallop, vegetables, rice, and steamed fish. Today, the same thing was about 230HK$ per person and the food was So Not Good. : ( At this point, I thought, perhaps it was never that good, and we’ve just become better at eating?

Then on reaching the Central pier, we were greeted with this beautiful view of Central, with the Bank of China, Standard Chartered, HSBC….

DSC_0487 (2)

DSC_0521 (2)

DSC_0493 (2)
Sharing the dream to “make it” : )

DSC_0528 (2)
Thanks Eric for this shot!

DSC_0562 (2)
Goofing around

While crossing the bridge from the pier to the mall, we saw Tom’s favourite fruit had a FLAGSHIP showroom in IFC


As usual, it was great fun hanging out with E&B, and nice to take a walk in an outlying island.  But in any case, we’ve out grown Lamma Island. Don’t think we’d be coming back anymore.


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  1. time to move on indeed, but the pictures turned out really amazing!

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