Lunch @ Makoto Japanese Restaurant

Only in HK can I find a Sushi lunch with double boiled Chinese soup for…HK$ 57 (+10% charge).

For my first lunch with my new teammates, they rushed me to lunch at 11.45 am. Because the place we were going had to “mai tan” (check please!) by 12.45 pm for the special 35% discount.  The place is called Makoto – very comfortable and spacious seating with soothing Japanese décor in the heart of Wan Chai. We were the first to come in for their early lunch special.

IMG_0840 IMG_0821 IMG_0822

Appetizer – A small portion of the daily fruit – today’s were these huge Japanese grapes.


The highlight: double boiled Chinese Soup! It had a generous portion of Chinese black mushrooms, oysters, fish stomach, pork, white fungus, black fungus (or was it cloud ear?), wolfberries, red dates boiled for I wonder how many hours. It was so refreshing, soothing, and of course…nourishing . A bowl of soup like this alone would be HK$ 40 – 50 (which would be a whole lunch for me normally!)


Sushi Rice Bowl – a very generous portion of delicious raw fishes! Scallop, Tuna, Red snapper, Urchin and of course…Salmon!  Its not the best, but still good, especially for the price!

Dessert: pumpkin jelly – not my thing, but great for jelly lovers


All that for HK$ 57 + service charge. Only in Hong Kong! I will miss a lunch like this!




  1. tomandlily

    what a yummy lunch!!!! lets go there together love

  2. Leena

    So cheap! Soup looks relish

    • its actually $69, they do the 35% discount after addign 10% service charge on the original price. but still v cheap. that soup alone would be 40-50 any other place!

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