Homestyle Spare Ribs

Instead of just posting a picture, I’m gonna try to write out the recipe this time so that next time I’m scratching my head and thinking what should I cook tonight, I can look back on what I’ve cooked before.


I learnt this recipe from a university classmate Apple.  She says its great with chicken as well though I haven’t yet tried with chicken.  Its so simple, delicious and quick. The key to this recipe – is the VINEGAR.  And although there are dozens of brands and types, I love this very particular one that Anne’s mom once bought and left in our home.  Its not a Lee Kum Kee or any big brand, and its less than $10, but it tastes soooo good – with anything.

IMG_0345Favourite Chin Kiang Vinegar –
great with pretty much anything – seafood, noodles, meat, as long as you like tangy and sour and a bit of kick!

IMG_0341 IMG_0343
IMG_0346 IMG_0351


Light soy sauce
Chinkian Vinegar
Spare Ribs
Pinch of sugar
Minced garlic
Cooking Oil
(Optional) Cornstarch


1. Wash spare ribs
2. Mix with garlic, light soya sauce, Chin Kiang Vinegar, optional – salt and cornstar mix.  Let it sit for 15 minutes if in a hurry (or 2-3 hours if not).
3. In a hot work, pour oil, then garlic.
4, Stir fry spar ribs until cooked. Should be about 8 minutes but I can never tell so sometimes I get it right, and sometimes its overcooked : (
5. (Optional) Sprinkle in pinch of sugar during stir fry.


Its better to make it with some cornstarch mix to have some sauce, but I dunno how to make gravy yet Sad smile .
This is my go-to dish because its so simple and vinegarry!



  1. Anne

    oh my god, lily, i feel so hungry after reading your blog, and that yummy looks!!!

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