Hubby’s weird must-eat in HK

Every visit, T has one must-eat in HK item  – burger.  Strange but true.  And each visit, when I go to work, hubby goes at least once to Wong Tai Sin Plaza to eat burger at….

burger king
image via openrice

Its better than McDonald’s … but to have this as the must-have coming from Europe just seems too strange to me!  This November, I insisted on going back to our favourite burger joint: Ruby Tuesday.  The burger bread, like at home, is warmed and slightly toasted, the beef actually tastes like good steak beef, and the cheese is…mmmm cheesy.  We also had a brocolli cream soup-of-the-day which tuned out to be really delicious.  We’ve also tried the steak here before, but it was no good.  Sticking to their burger specialty.

IMG_0120 IMG_0119
Burger with portabellas mushroom and swiss cheese

IMG_0108 IMG_0116

The first time I brought Tom to Ruby Tuesday was the first time ever that we celebrated a birthday together in our long-distance relationship.  The drink was huge and we had had a 50% discount from a colleague’s Ruby Tuesday card – really worth it!  Since then, T’s been a huge fan of their burgers.

Happy Birthday Babe, May 2010

Now we just gotta look for a good burger place in Be.



  1. tomandlily

    just look at that yummy burger…!! still dont know where to eat a burger like that in freakin Belgium
    Love my wifey 🙂

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