Which grey sweater?

I used to get up only after Anne had left.  But later, I had to be work by 9 so I started getting up earlier and for a while, Anne had thought I was “pissed off” at her in the mornings for something or the other, until she realized, wait, I’m just not a morning person.  Never been a morning person, and this morning was no different.  Another morning pushing through the crowded MTR.  To my surprise, today, I got a “seat”!  How nice to not be squeezed on all sides, and enjoy my ride…  So I took out my blackberry to browse…

I had asked Tom to bring my grey sweater when he comes on Saturday (all my winter clothes are in Be).  There was an email with the subject: Which grey sweater?  together with the following 3 pictures for me to choose from, and I almost laughed out loud:

Which grey sweater?

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 

Too funny to not share. Great start to a day.Rolling on the floor laughing


It reminded me of winter 2010.  We were all eating desserts at City Garden Hotel when Dad said something about the “pink” melon…


Lian stopped in her tracks, literally and her eyes went all big when dad said “pink melon”.  So glad I was already taking photos… this was the exact moment …

PINK?? Did Dad just call this PINK?

Lian was laughing uncontrollably - Mom said the colour of this melon is .... PINK
Bursting into laughter when Dad said “yes, that pink melon”

Lian tryign to show mom what is PINK haha Lian trying to show mom what is PINK!
“Pa, THIS is pink, see the difference!”

Can’t wait to get my “grey” sweater in 2 days.  Red heart



  1. tomandlily

    Grey sweater coming up ! Colors not my strong side….

  2. leena

    how does a person know if he/she is color blind?

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