Christmas Team Lunch

This month we had a Christmas team lunch.  It’s the second team I’m managing in 2 years.  I took up this team in September, and it’s a real challenge.  Most colleagues have been working in the company way longer than I have, and they know their stuffs like the back of their hand.  I often feel embarrassed, well, it’s a learning process.

They girls have been wanting to take me to eat “Shang Dong Chicken” for a very long time so today we made the booking to this place: It’s a teeny, tiny 小菜 place.  Overall, the “Shang Dong” chicken was the best dish…everything else was average, but good value for money!

IMG_0223 IMG_0222

IMG_0186 IMG_0184
Zha Zhang Teng watery soup

The much awaited Shang Dong Chicken: it was good.  Its kinda like a different version of Soy Chicken, and then a whole bowl of soy sauce and garlic is poured over it in front of you as its served.  MMmm all that garlic was sooooo yummy.  And the inside was also well marinated.

IMG_0197 IMG_0199
IMG_0205 IMG_0208

The dish below left is the famous Shanghainese “vinegar spare ribs”.  I have to say I like my homestyle a lot better! its so sweet with a very thick gravy in the restaurant:

IMG_0211 IMG_0206
Deep fried lotus root cake – yummy! Gotta learn how to make this!

IMG_0181 IMG_0209
(Left) Checking openrice photos on what to order….
(Right) Boys digging in!

Mango dessert was not good…. but the Durian Pudding on the right was pretty good…for durian lovers Open-mouthed smile

I also got a cool Christmas gift from the deputy manager…. I’ve become well known for not bringing umbrellas when raining… then while waiting to cross the main road to the office, I go in to Welcome and buy umbrella each time I forget one… hence my collection of Blue and Red (only for $16.99)!   So colleague got me a new one to add to the collection in yellow, everyone now also knows I love bright colours Smile

IMG_0225 IMG_0226
V sweet and thoughtful gift



  1. Anne

    haha i know your not bring umbrella hobbit as well!!! haha how many you have now at home?

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