Night out with MSc group … with Indian food and HK desserts…mmm

From September 2010 to December 2011, I completed a part-time master’s program.  So far, the degree has not been useful, and only emptied the bank balance Sad smile .  Thomas, one of our groupmates, calculated that if we had invested the same money in HSBC stocks over the same period, we would already have had a return of $7000, not including yearly dividends.

Tonight, our group got together and Tom was able to meet all of them.  Clive, my UST “brother” who’s now desperately looking for girl, Clive Lo the more mature one, Thomas the family guy and super genius, Ken, the volunteer/cadet specialist.  And all are crazy hard working, doing CFA’s while working full time, studying part time, and of course, even looking after a family.  *Respect*!

Presenting: Gaylord Restaurant

Its been a while since I’ve had Indian food and I was so excited when they asked for Indian food!  So far, Gaylord has been the best Indian place I’ve found in Hong Kong and with an affordable price.  The cheap places in Chung King always tastes like foreign or cheap Indian food.  The price is considered pricy for Indian food, but not really pricy given the environment – I mean, it even has a live sangeet group with dabla and all!  And whats more – it’s the only place I’ve found so far that serves – reshmi kebab.  The real Kwality style WHITE coloured reshmi kebab served on a sizzling plate! Yummyyyy.  All other places that call it “reshmi”, always bring it out and then its just another tikka kebab.  We didn’t order it this time, but I’m getting that next time in place of tandoori .  The one thing we should NOT order in this restaurant is Lassi, very good but crazy expensive at about $60 when it sells for just $20 in the fast food Indian place opposite!

We started out with condiments…Oh how I miss achar.  At UST, because of the large population of Indian students, they know keep achar  as a condiment together with ketchup and mayo!  Awesome Smile
And Mom’s putina chutney.  Summer time lunch at home – white rice with fresh home-made putina chutney. 

IMG_0253 IMG_0254

Our menu today – Garlic Naan, Peas Pulao, Paneer Naan, Kadai Ghosht, Alu Ghobi, Pineapple Raita and Tandoori Chicken

IMG_0258 IMG_0263

(Left) Tandoori chicken: Yummm.  I do think the tandoori chicken in Hong Kong is a lot better than in Cal!  It’s a lot less dry and well marinated even inside… mmm…
(Right) Bhel Puri:  We wanted puchka but it was not available today so the next best thing – bhel puri.  Closest thing to the real thing I’ve had in years – its not even half as good as home-made by Mom.  Neither spicy nor enough tamarind.  But everyone loved it!  I even explained to the guys its usually served on a magazine scone and some of them have seen it on TV.

IMG_0261 IMG_0260

After dinner, we went back to the dessert place we ate at last time.  Gotta take Lian & Kevin here.

Lava chocolate dessert with your choice of vanilla/green tea / mango ice-cream.
The lava chocolate cake is actually too big for one.

IMG_0276Soufflé with orange sauce and a scrumptious refreshing lime sorbet.
Next time gonna try the chocolate soufflé with hazelnut ice-cream.

A full group photo Open-mouthed smile



  1. Elena

    Haven’t had pineapple raita in so long…will try make some at home maybe 🙂

    Btw, it’s pudina..not

    • i was like…”Elena”!!???
      pineapple raita was missing the paprika and masala that Mom/Kwality puts on top….it was just yoghurt and pineapple (sitll good , but missing the kick)…. its easy to make, i think we made it once together didn’t we?

      i always thought it was putina!! :-O

  2. Anne

    haha, finally saw the pictures of your UST classmates!!! your big brother there!!! that’s fun!! the dessert looks so good !! I miss hk food

  3. The desserts look very yummy – to which dessert restaurant did you go?

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