Christmas Day @ Kowloon Tong

After a lazy morning sleeping in, we went to walk around in Festival Walk.  Every year, the décor at festival walk is always so pretty, elegant, classy.  This year, as usual there was a huge Christmas tree 4 stories high sponsored by Swarovski.  I love walking around Festival Walk – so spacious and clean, and with my favourite stores, H&M and Taste.

DSC_0078 DSC_0073
IMG_4129 DSC_0091

I can always spend hours just walking about Taste without buying anything. Even this supermarket was “decorated” with loads of beautifully packaged chocolates specially for the holiday seasons.  A supermarket stocked with Chinese, Western and Japanese goodies.  As students, we always dreamed we’d live near a supermarket such as this one.

IMG_4190 DSC_0023
Ferrero Rocher

And then there’s Log On.

IMG_4133 IMG_4134
Heart shaped and bear shaped sandwich cutters

*dream* All kinds of pouches with all kinds of compartments

Finally getting a late lunch at Itamae Sushi.  Our favourite Sushi place since our life at CityU.

Itamae’s special Mango & Lobster Roll

IMG_4142 IMG_4143
IMG_4145 IMG_4146



  1. Anne

    I love everything about festival walk as well!! Miss the Itamae there!

  2. Melissa

    Oh my god, a HUGE shopping mall!!! 😀

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