First Christmas (2012)

Our first Christmas as a family of two was also our very first Christmas together in Hong Kong.  I was able to get off work at 3.30 and was exhausted coming home.  We decided to do a simple Hakka dinner for Christmas Eve with a mini Christmas tree at our dinner table. Smile

Hakka Christmas Eve Dinner
JK style chilly chicken – prefer mom’s golden coloured ones
Steamed shrimps
Cha Choi, Tofu and Pork
and of course….Cantonese Lai Tong

IMG_0281 IMG_0283I

A lazy Christmas day started with family Skype session and ended with take-out from Taste and staying in and starting a new series, Game of Thrones.

Christmas Day dinner
Falafel wrap
Tandoori wrap
Broccoli soup from a box
Fresh fruits

xmas day IMG_0284

The awesome thing about Hong Kong is that we celebrate both western and eastern festivals.  Really the best of East and West Smile Will really miss this when we leave Hong Kong.  For Christmas, we get 2 official public holidays – 25th for Christmas day and 26th as “Day After Christmas Day” .  Even western countries don’t have 2 official bank days off!

Day after Christmas day started with brunch: Gordon Ramsay’s style scrambled eggs recommended by Leena.  It was pretty easy to keep it creamy, but it ended up a bit too creamy and its actually quite a tiring method.

IMG_0286Very Merry Christmas.  Red heart



  1. Leena

    Wat do you think of game of thrones

    • Never heard of it until tom told me, we’rej ust in season 1. and so far, find it a bit slow, but good enough to keep me wantign more. the actors are all very good,
      i’ve seen pillars of the earth which was a lot faster pace (and i read teh book so it was easier to know whats next)
      u like it ?

  2. tomandlily

    beautiful pics — and the chilli chicken was the best wifey has prepared for me yet!

  3. Anne

    haha that’s fun Xmas lily!!! oh you guys start Game of Thrones? how’s it?

    • =D simple xmas. Game of Throens, good but slow. the story development is a bit slow, but actors are all very good. will continue to watch . ahve you watched?/

  4. Leena

    What is that burrito/roll/wrap thing for dinner?

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