Winter 2012 (1) : Watami Japanese Casual Dining, Karaoke!, Choux Crème

One of the best winter holidays EVER. 

Tom and Lian and Kevin in town!!!  What’s more – I had a spare bedroom so Jelly and Kev could stay with us! Smile  Finally feel more like an adult older sister that actually  has a room for you to come visit anytime.  Even though our home is so tiny and old, it still feels so cosy to stay all together at home.  Kevin has become SOOOOO tall and Lian a big big girl Sad smile.

For the first time ever, there is a 4.5 hr direct flight from Kolkata to Hong Kong, thanks to Dragon Air.  And even Kev said in the taxi on the way home, “4.5 hr direct flight was so worth it!”.  As soon as we got home, Kev went to bed and slept for few hours!

We started out with Japanese casual dining at Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant.  I brought the kids here last year in 2011 and they had loved it.  I love taking them out to eat.  Because we don’t get these things back home, Lian always goes Oooh Aaaah so intensely, it makes me feel so lucky to be living in Hong Kong.  Its always so refreshing when the kids go wow over something so simple.   We followed lunch with our must-do in HK: KARAOKE!!

DSC_0168 DSC_0173
Sizzling scallops with butter

DSC_0174 DSC_0179

Left: Japanese beef rice with a raw egg –  this is Tom’s favourite, I don’t get what’s so great but it is at least a lot better here than at Yoshinoya.  Lian & Kev loved it!
Right: Japanese pork chop/cutlet with “scrambled” egg

Lian just wanted to eat the small grained rice! Open-mouthed smile


DSC_0182 DSC_0184
Left: Shrimp tempura and Right: Fried mackarel

First time at this place, January 2011 also at Wong Tai Sin Plaza

DSC_0192 DSC_0194
Holiday Décor at Langham Place

Choux Creme has replaced Beard Papa at Mong Kok MTR Station



  1. Lian

    stop calling me jelly.

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