Winter 2012 (2): Big Buddha!

Day 2 was our only full free day.  “Ocean Park” was on the agenda.  Except – noone was awake before noon!  Kev chose Tom’s Belgian home-made croque monsieur with Gouda cheese while Lian opted for Gordon Ramsay styled scrambled eggs.  Mmmm.  And Tom and I…we had…fish tikka kebab all the way from Kwality’s in Calcutta!!!! Open-mouthed smile

IMG_0310 IMG_0314
(Left): Tom’s croque monsier with Gouda cheese
(Right): the original fish tikka kebab from Kwality’s, flown in from Kolkata!!

The first time I visited Big Buddha was in 2003 with Mom and cousin Fiona, back when there were no cable cars yet. It was an unforgettable experience for two reasons:
(1)  Mom was visiting a monastery in one of the hills.  We followed a nun who literally ran up and down the stone steps! It was amazing how fast she walked!  We visited a lovely nunnery/monastery that was off the main area, very secluded.  A wonderful experience.
(2)  It had been raining that day, and on the way down hill back to town, I slipped and fell flat on my thigh on the stone steps.

This was my first time in my 7 years in HK to visit Big Buddha.  The queue to the cable car was a long one – about 1-2 hours.  The ride was also quite long, about 20 minutes, over the hills, past the Hong Kong International airport.  It was so great to do something for the first time together with Tom, Lian, Kev.  And it was FREEZING up there!!! Soooo cold and windy!!

Queue was almost 2 hours.


DSC_0237 DSC_0236

DSC_0277 DSC_0283
DSC_0295 DSC_0292
DSC_0345 DSC_0352
DSC_0367 DSC_0377
Hong Kong International Airport (by day)

Hong Kong International Airport at night

Lian now loves Sushi!!!  Yay!!!  The long awaited sushi meal with lots of salmon, scallop, striped jack, yellow tail, and sashimi!  We also got the deep fried soft shell crab!  Yummm.  Kevin doesn’t like raw food, at least not yet, but so cool that we can eat sushi with Lian now!Red heart This was also the night Eric dropped by from Shanghai to surprise Tom!!! What a sweet surprise, can’t believe I didn’t get any photos of them.  Tom sat at McDonald’s and just said “nay, nay, nay!” as he suddenly saw Eric walk into McDonald’s in Wong Tai Sin.

IMG_0341 IMG_0348



  1. tomandlily

    what a lovely day it was!! there were some stressful moments as well though, but all in all, a day to never forget 🙂

  2. Lian

    yes hike~!! and they nay nay was very funny

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