Winter 2012 (4): Happy New Year’s Day

2013 started with a relaxed day, hanging out together, and having a home-cooked meal.  Tom left on this day to return to work in Be Sad smile.

Last month, I ate at Gaylord’s and thought that the tandoori chicken there was actually better than Cal’s.  Well, I was WRONG.  Tonight, we reheated the tandoori chicken Lian and Kev brought from India.  WOW.  I had forgotten how good a real tandoori chicken tastes like!  SOoooo goood.  Tom had 2 pieces.  Yummmm.  Miss it.  So well marinated, juicy, aromatic, flavoured, yummmm.

Take-out brunch from downstairs:  stir-fried instant noodles, HK western fried rice, black-bean spare ribs

.The original tandoori chicken from Kwality’s

IMG_0381 IMG_0386
Tom cooked for us all before leaving

IMG_0008 IMG_0010
Late night eats!

Watching “Team A” (someday soon our apartment will have no clothes hanging haha)

The next day we hung out as SSP buying hair accessories, walked Ladies’ Market and bought cool embossing accessories and ate MK street food.


IMG_0392 IMG_0389
Junk food at Mong Kok

Ladies Market @ Mong Kok

Check out Kev’s height!

IMG_0406 IMG_0408
Left: Octopus with potato tapas & Right: Garlic Prawn tapas@ Pacific Place

Wishing & hoping for  many more days like these in 2013.  Red heart



  1. Leena

    what’s the veggies side that tom made? looks like some sort of succotash

    • what is succotash? reminds me of the word stoccatto haha

      its zucchini pan fried with mushrooms and onions – it was pretty good – tom’s own creative recipe!!!! hahahaha 🙂 it was a little overcooked cos we had to re-heat it (kinda hard to cook western with just 2 fires).
      lian seemed to like it. surprised she likes zucchinni – she’s quite the eater likes a LOT of things, very adventurous in this area hahahah
      she said u made zucchini in the states and she was very particular about how it should be cut, very cute haha

  2. tomandlily

    haha, yeah, good name, i thought of calling it a “grenouille vert” 🙂
    hate having left so fast… but for the cash savings i guess… even the principal on my project was like: why didn’t u take leave for those days!?

  3. Leena

    ya..2014 for big big trip! can’t wait!

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