Winter 2012 (3): Happy New Year 2013!

This was literally the best New Year’s ever.   I got to spend it with hubby and baby siblings.  I wish we could spend all holidays together like this.

Can’t believe how much we did in one day.  We had dim sum with Eric, bought a new heater for our room, and only left home when it was almost 2.  We went shopping in Diamond Hill then had teppanyaki for lunch.  Yumm.  It was Lian & Kev’s first time and they loved it!  After that we went to Sham Shui Po and bought 2013 Chinese calendars for Mom and I decided to get one for our own home in Belgium to keep track of Chinese festivals easily.  We walked the streets of Sham Shiu Po and bought random techy stuffs.  We then headed to TST where we could view the fireworks at midnight.

IMG_4197 IMG_4199
IMG_4198 IMG_4200
Kev’s reaction when Tom told him to “DO Something!”

IMG_4202 IMG_4201

After Sham Shui Po, we went to KFC at Ocean Terminal.  It was ONE. LONG. WALK.  I seldom come to this side of Harbour City, so I entered the “safe” way via Harbour City’s main entrance, through it, past the different phases/gateways, and finally to Ocean Terminal side. About a full 20 mins (or more?) walk through the entire Harbour City.

Our must-have KFC special : criss-cross fries and Portuguese tarts

DSC_0463 DSC_0451
IMG_4203 DSC_0491
DSC_0500 DSC_0502
DSC_0481 DSC_0477

After dinner, to kill time, we found some great seats at Lian’s favourite coffee place and had a blast playing, “Guess me” game.  We were stuck at Kevin’s turn.  It was: an animal, a fictional cartoon character.  I think it took us like a full 15-20 mins at least to guess it right.  Here’s a snippet of how it went:

Tom:    Does it have big ears?
Kev:     How big?
Tom:   Bigger than human’s…
(Everyone else bursting into laughter… how is that gonna help?… human ears are quite small!)

Tom:   Does it have 4 legs?
Kev:    Ummm….
Tom:  Does it walk on 4 legs?
Kev:    Sometimes it walks on 2 legs and sometimes on 4 legs
All:      What???~!!

Tom:            Is it a mouse?
Kev:             Kinda
All:               Kinda??/? Is it Jerry?
Kev:             No
Lily:              Is it black in colour?
Kev:             No
Lily:             Grey?
Kev:            No
Lily:             Brown?
Kev:            No
Lily:             Pink?
Kev:            No

Wow… we were really stuck for a while, completely baffled.  Kev was proudly smiling from EAR to EAR at his clever character Open-mouthed smile.  Finally, Kev in a super cute way said: Well it’s a guinea pig.  A GIANT guinea pig…

What’s a giant guinea pig that walks on 4 or sometimes 2 legs, and is not black, white, brown, grey, pink??  (Lian finally guessed it)

DSC_0543 DSC_0584
IMG_4205 DSC_0549
IMG_4212 DSC_0558
“Well it’s a guinea pig, a GIANT guinea pig”

We left Starbucks and went to look for a clean toilet.  We had already left like, 10 minutes ago when Lian suddenly realized she’d lost her hat!!!  So Lian & Kev went back first to Starbucks.  When Tom and I arrived at Starbucks:

Me:    Did you find it?? Is it there??
Lian:  Noo… Sad smile
Me:    Huh?? did you chk the seats??
Lian:  There are people sitting there… should I ask??
Me:    Of course!!!

At this point, we were standing outside after Lian and Kev already checked Starbucks.  Tom rushed in and asked the people who were sitting where we left off, and… WOW THERE IT WAS!!!!  One of them was actually sitting on the hat!!! To think Lian was ready to leave!!!  Precious hat from Lisa –__–

DSC_0595 DSC_0625
“Camping” at the Avenue of Stars

DSC_0641 DSC_0655
10 mins to midnight… 5 mins to midnight…

Happy New Year 2013!!!

IMG_4217 IMG_4218

The fireworks was a disappointment.  It was so LOW.  We couldn’t see it at all, you had to be right up in the front to see it.  The 5-mins show from IFC is a lot better, at least its up there where everyone can see!  Oh well, hope sometime Lian & Kev can see the real 20-mins super big fireworks from Chinese New Year or National Day.

It was amazing how civil and organized the whole crowd was.  Mostly teenagers, university students, people in their 20s.  No one was drunk, nor pushing, nor shouting.  Everyone was just excited, talking, taking pics, singing and moving inch-by-inch towards the streets.  Love how safe it always feels in Hong Kong.  Lian & Kev were telling Tom how it would be if we were at a public crowded countdown in India!  Even the countdowns I’ve been to in Toronto and Leuven cannot even compare with how pleasant it was here.  Both in Toronto and Leuven there were lots of drunk people shouting or fighting or approaching you, broken glasses from beer bottles, pushing and shoving.

DSC_0647 DSC_0668
The Peninsula!

Enjoying the crowd! (Nathan Road with no cars!)

IMG_0376 IMG_0004
(Right photo) Crowds waiting for late night desserts in a dessert street in TST  at 1 am.
We gave up and bought take-away from
Hui Lau Shan instead.

Tom’s super sleepy look (unable to keep up with Lian & Kev’s energy Winking smile)

When we got home, we skyped with Leena & James and Tai, Keith & Baby Allison into the wee hours!!! Literally a Happy New Year across Hong Kong, USA, Canada!  The kids got to sleep at like 4 or 5 am! (After watching some Pretty Women together).  TOM was asleep before the kids!!! He couldn’t keep up!! haha!!

This has been the most fun and memorable New Year’s in a long time.  Would have been perfect if Leena & James were here.  I’d really like to make it a point to try our best to organize/coordinate/plan so that we can spend as many holidays together as possible.

I wish we could spend all holidays and festivals together.  Especially stuffs like this – all “kids”, where we could stay up late, do countdowns, eat late night snacks, watch an old movie.  The simple things.  Once Tom & I finally get to live together, we would have more holidays to spare for visits.

Kev as usual hardly said anything all night and then:

Tom:  Kev really enjoyed it.
Me:    How do you know?  He was so quiet all night!
Tom:  His Facebook status: Most amazing New Year’s Eve ever!!!

Here’s wishing for a lot more holidays and time together in 2013 Red heart



  1. Anne

    wow, you guys all have great pictures during the new year, nice !!!

  2. Lian

    lol Kevin is always like that. and the animal’s name was pikachu

  3. Leena

    wow so much fun. must do a siblings trip when they finish their boards!! HOpe you guys can come here, would be relaxing like goign to hk, since we are familiar with the area…stress free and focus on fun!!

    Did you use ur fancy cmaera here? some pics look a lot nicer.

    • oh Leena, it really was SO MUCH FUN!!!! literally the best new yr’s ever for me!! just walking around SSP, eating KFC, so simple and fun…and enjoying the crowd… the kids really enjoyed the countdown even though the fireowkrs was a disappointment.

      . i can’t wait for the big after-boards trip. we have to plan well to make it happen!!! california dreaming~~~~~

      i used the fancy camera at big buddha too… still learning how to use it!

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