Winter 2012 (5): 大家食!

Mom and Dad arrived and the first lunch as usual was at at the same zha zhan teng near City Garden Hotel.  I love the water dumplings and iced-tea, but am really sick of zha zhan teng rice meals…  Over the next 2 days, it was shopping, and eating….

水餃 Hong Kong Water Dumplings

IMG_0411 IMG_0412
Black bean with Squid (left) and Black bean with Spare ribs (right)

Peking Duck Dinner at 京華酒樓 in Prince Edward (Check out all the goodies from the double-boiled soup!)
(This bright and pretty photo taken by new iphone, very nice!)

Amazingly nourishing and refreshing and soothing black chicken Chinese soup

P1050563 P1050561
Junk food and fresh sugarcane juice at Causeway Bay

IMG_0416 IMG_0418
Sogo! (Lian lost and then found her scarf again at Forever 21)

All must-have condiments for hot pot!
Roasted Sucking Pig!

IMG_0429 IMG_0431
IMG_0440 IMG_0428 IMG_0435
IMG_0434 IMG_0439
My favourites – japanese “wu xi” and scallops

Our Fortress Hill dessert place!  There was a long line tonight

 DSC_0727 DSC_0704

Kev’s favourite: Mango Sago

Lian’s favourite: Black Sesame Glutinous Rice Balls in Hot Ginger Soup

Jelly always happy after dinner & shower and desserts awaiting Smile 



  1. Leena

    how come lian always losing her stuff!!! =.=
    hotpot looks delicious and fresh with all the condiments….and yummy suckling pig too. You are sick of cha chan ten food, but i’m craving for some!!! u gonna miss it too in BE ..muahahahah

    • i know! LOL, she was very lucky to find back the hat both times!!
      and the hotpot was DELICIOUS!!! just the condiments alone were so delicious hahahaha…..
      yeah im sick of cha chan teng food..e.veryday eating from the same cha chan teng downstairs…. and i feel like their gravy is always so full of cornstarch….my own barely decent cooking is better…. only somethings are still good at cha chan teng… like fresh water dumplings. i dont think i’ll miss cha chan teng food in BE!

  2. tomandlily

    so japanese wuxi fish is also a favourite! good to know 🙂

  3. Lian

    Idk how i’m always losing my stuff. Well not technically losing it coz i get it back 😀

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