Winter 2012 (6): Visiting Yee Bho in Shen Zhen

We went to Shenzhen for a weekend and visited Yee Bho and Ah Q.   It’s hard to believe that Mom met her Aunts and cousins for the first time in her life only a few years ago.  These relatives invited us with open arms, with such warmth, hospitality, openness.  AhQ left work early and met us at our hotel immediately after we arrived, walked around with us and drove us to Yee Bho’s.  He came all the way from his work to pick us up from the zoo despite us telling him not to trouble himself, then took us to visit his home and family and spent the rest of the day with us.  You would think we had known him all our lives!.  I felt so humbled.

This Yee Bho in Shenzhen is like a mirror image of Ah Bho.  She has the same voice as Ah Bho, talks the same way and even has the same body movements and gestures.  Its amazing.  Ah Bho left China when she was only a teenager and Yee Bho was still only a child, yet they are so alike.  She prepared a 太餐 for us, full 10 dishes, so special.  There was Hakka yellow wine all the way from Mei Zhou and nyu nyuk yan. Hope someday we have a chance to return this warmth.   

DSC_0754 DSC_0750
*this was Amaaazing!*  could finish this whole plate myself!

DSC_0776 DSC_0775
DSC_0832 DSC_0842



  1. Leena

    you should ask yeebho how to cook those stuffs….
    no steamed shrimp this time?? ahha

    • well everythign was just regular canton chiense food… the only thign hakka was the yellow wine and the nuy nuyk yan…. but oh my GOooodnesss, that niu niuk yan was sooooooo goood. Lian was gobbling them tooo hehehehehhee well mom knows how to make them too so when i learn to i’ll ask mom for recipe (maybe by then u also know how ot make them so i cna learn from you isntead hahahahahha )

  2. tomandlily

    what is that amaaaazing dish?

    • its a kind of steamed fresh beef ball (ntohign like the cantonese style). mom makes it too but i dont really remember mom’s. this was sooooo goood. one day’ i’ll learn to make them too hehehe 🙂

  3. Lian

    LMAO! lily you finish a whole plate of those raddish balls? in your dreams yeah.. -_-

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