Winter 2012 (9): Shenzen Subway

On our way to Windows of the World, we noticed the hand railings in the subway had these little messages.  It was amazing.  They are not advertisements!  Little snippets of wisdom to promote family values to the younger generation.  Amazing how they have used this as a platform to communicate to the younger generation.   Very simple things that go a long way.

IMG_0451 IMG_0452
Take your parents to the movies
Celebrate the birthdays of your parents with them

IMG_0457 IMG_0472
Make/give cards to your parents
Cook for your parents

Teach you parents to use the internet.
The details explained that even though your parents may not be able to travel the world,
they can see the world via the internet.

IMG_0464 IMG_0466
Take photos with your parents
The right one was very interesting, my friend exlained that it says – take your wife and children back to your parents home.
Nowadays, more and more couples move out of the parents home and live on their own after marriage (i.e. not living with the guy’s parents).
The message is to still take your parents and family back to your parents home often.

IMG_0477 IMG_0470
Watch an old movie with your parents
Take photos with your parents (just as they used to take photos with you when you were a child)

IMG_0473 IMG_0468
My friend explained the right one is also written with a play of words.
When we are young,  parents would give you pocket money – but not too MUCH.
Now that we have grown,
parents also need “”pocket” money, so it says to give money to your parents, but not too LITTLE! Smile

Very interesting and amazing way to communicate to the younger generation and promote family values and tradition.  Only in splendid China!



  1. Anne

    haha I agree about that too! warm messages in the subway, surprisingly it is promoted well in China then in money oriented HK.

  2. Anne

    yeah, i guess so, Hong Kong people always choose to have “happy life”

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