Winter 2012 (10): Movie date with Jelly and Kev

The night before Mom & Dad arrived, the 3 of us went to watch The Hobbit in 3-D!

Kev found the movie too boring, and I do think the first half was really slow and boring and trying too hard to be funny but once the long journey started – it felt like Lord of the Rings again.

The best part was the MTR ride back home after watching the movie, talking to Jelly.  Lian enjoyed the movie so much and this was when I learned that Jelly actually read the book YEARS ago !!! Amazing Smile It was so fun and nice to hear Lian tell me all the details and the difference between her imagination when she read the book and the movie’s version.  For e.g. she imagined hobbits to be hairy creatures and imagined the stone-giant fight to be completely different, and the way she told me was soo cute. I wish we could spend more time like this.  I realized that she was such a baby when Lord of the Rings had come out.  Lord of the Rings was to her like some of the older classic movies to me – famous, old, but not yet seen them.  She enjoyed the Hobbit so much, I can’t wait to have a Lord of the Rings marathon with her sometime.  Maybe in 2014 in SJ?  If you loved this one, you’ll absolutely love the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Now that Lian and Kev are teenagers, its really cool that our age-gap is starting to narrow as we can all watch such movies and discuss things together and you are no longer “children”.

Keep reading Lian!   Reading stimulates your imagination, wasn’t it fun to have an imagination and watch the movie version? Miss you so much Jelly & Kev.



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