Happy Surprise at Work

I was working at my desk, when I saw my colleague taking pics at the back.  I thought as usual, they’re taking photos of some Tao Bao products.  Suddenly Viv called me: Lily come here.  I’m like, why, what’s up.  Then she urgently said COME COME FAST!  and I’m like what is it… and walked 2 seats behind me and saw this surprise .  It was still 4 days left but they thought I might take days off to be with family so they prepared this:

They arranged my name “Lily” on it, can you see? Smile so cute

This was a special Maxim’s cake – it comes in such a beautiful box – even the inside is decorated with happy colours and the box comes tied with a pretty brown and pink ribbon!!  (not the standard Maxim’s red plastic paper box).  It’s a newly introduced cake and is called Rainbow Cake. 

IMG_8469 IMG_8470
What pretty packaging!  The cake comes empty (fully white), looks like a wedding cake to me!
You decorate yourself with marshmallows.

With the team (minus one lady who was in meeting) – my desk is the front most one btw, not this one

IMG_0507 IMG_8480
Rainbow Cake

5 layers of different flavoured sponge cake alternating with the matching fresh fruits:
– strawberry sponge cake with fresh strawberry layered
– Orange
– Kiwi
– Mango
– Purple for ….taro!  (I couldn’t taste it but my taro lover colleagues could taste it! amazing!)

Picture 131 IMG_0032
“Angry Birds” paper plates! (no am not a fan of Angry Birds haha)

What a warm and lovely surprise Red heart



  1. Anne

    haha hong kong always have the best designed cake!!! lovely

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