Winter 2012 (11): Back to eating in HK :)

Feeling a bit sad cos I’ve been having such a great time just reliving the holidays whilst writing and now its down to the last 2 days…

IMG_0013 IMG_0014

Tonight we had delicious Chiu Chow cuisine at Pak Lok Chinese Restaurant.

IMG_0033 IMG_0041
(Left): Chiu Chow goose slices!!  so yummmmm
(Right): Deep fried appetizers (I kinda like JK’s better)

IMG_0039 IMG_0038
Black Chicken Soup again!
IMG_0035 IMG_0042
(Left): Kev’s favourite: Satay beef stir fry with kai lan
(Right): Chiu Chow Seafood Pot

I remember when we were in London  last year, Lian went on about a dish she had before – scrambled eggs with scallop.  This time she told me that it was in a restaurant not too far away from City Garden Hotel, and the day we had it, she had just wanted to go home for a shower – which I remembered, lol.  It must be Pak Lok.  But I still do not remember eating a scrambled eggs with scallop.  They did not have it on the menu unfortunatley so we ordered egg with shrimp and radish instead but it turned out to be quite lacking of egg.  And I learnt that Lian loves raddish!  Nice to know!

When we got home – we still had desserts – from Arome Bakery.  And Jelly had 2 desserts – chocolate cake and this delicious fruit tart.

IMG_0043 IMG_0045
(Left): “Scrambled” egg with shrimp and raddish
(Right): Delicious fruit tart from Arome Bakery

The follow night, we had dinner at Choi Food Chinese Restaurant right opposite City Garden Hotel.

IMG_0055 IMG_0050
(Left): I think it was salt and pepper fried crab
(Right): Crispy chicken – so gooood

Black chicken soup again!!!!! WOW so happy to drink this soup so many times this winter!

Scallop and veggie dish


At night, we watched movie/tv on my laptop.  One night we watched Sherlock Holmes part 2 – I don’t know why but I find this movie really boring.  Biased cos I don’t really like Robert Downy.  Lian & Kev totally love Sherlock Holmes.  Every second of it.  Both part one AND part two . Tonight we watched the Big Bang Theory (and I fell asleep while watching).

IMG_0048 IMG_0047
We squeezed together on one bed to watch tv



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