New Friend

Doris and I became friends last year when we were in the same team.  We no longer work in the same team nor in the same location Sad smile.  Doris is one of the sweetest, nicest person I know.  She’s just really very easy-going, open-minded, and genuinely nice person.


Doris is the only person at work who knows where hubby actually is.  It’s kind of a relief to have at least one person at work I can sometimes talk freely with!  I spend at least 9 hours everyday with my team, and everyday we talk about every-day random stuffs, things at home, share restaurant recommendations, and I always gotta watch out not to “slip”…

Doris’ daugher, adorable little Tracy shares the same birthdate with me.  Since Doris knows where hubby is, she called me on my birthday in the evening asking me what I’m doing and inviting me to join her family to celebrate!  Sooo sweeet and touching, and glad I joined cos it was a really warm and relaxed evening with this lovely little family.

IMG_0110 IMG_0115


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