Got mail from….NY!

So surprised to find a bright green envelope in the mailbox. Inside was a pretty, sparkling, and touching birthday card. 

Over the last 2 or 2.5 years, I was lucky to move in with A.  For the first time since graduation, I came home to a home.  Not an apartment with 3 bedrooms, where each person went into their own rooms, like a dorm, and did their own thing.  But a home where we ate together, left our bedroom doors open while doing our own browsing or studying, watched TV shows together, laughed together, fought together,  cried together, dreamt together…  and in a way… grow up together.


Lots of Love.



  1. Anne

    A place, I can call it “HOME”. A place, we share our stories, dream, happiness, sadness etc…… When the day I left the place, I found I can not move the place with me, however, the home has sited in my heart, wherever I go.

    Lily, my best friend, thank you for build up “HOME” with you in the past years. And now, we are still connecting and sharing together.


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