This was my first job.  When Johnny left, he told me he felt nostalgic.  And I remember asking him why, he’s leaving for an amazing opportunity and he’s been wanting to leave since day one (literally).  He said, “ Cos its your first job.  You feel a bit like they were family, you’ll feel it too when your turn comes”.  I couldn’t wait.

And then it was my last month here.  I did feel nostalgic, especially since for the last 2 years, the people I’ve worked with have been so nice to me.  A big group of people who’s been working in the same place for at least a decade.

I have worked with this team for only 1.5 years, yet it felt like I have known these people for a very long time.



Derek (right) was assigned as my work mentor when I first joined the company.  He’s ever generous, loves to eat, and drink wine and always very nice.

One of the biggest lessons I learnt was how amazing the relationship beween Mui Sir (left) and Tony Sir (2nd from left) and Bonnie.  They’ve known each other for decades.  They argue and fight intensely about issues, strategy etc.  Like, intense fights that make everyone get up to see whats going on.  And then 10 mins later, they’re having yum cha and all is well.  Like SIBLINGS.  It was always so funny to see it happening.  Mui and Tony are much older than me (like ah paks), we tended to have different style or thinking especially on management issues, yet they were always open minded and welcome to hear me out and often try my humble recommendations.

With Bonnie (left) and Annie (right)

Bonnie is literally the most dedicated, hard-working and loyal person I know. She welcomed me to take up her team, guided me through step by step, and watched out for my back like an older sister.  I could always trust her with anything and she’s really one of the nicest selfless people I know. And we’re also from the same town of Mo Yan in Mei Zhou!

Annie is a really thoughtful person and a very modern and cool mom!  She’d always share with me about her kids (who are the same age as me!), how to eat healthy, drink more soup…

Left to right: Lun, Wong Tze, Anthony, Ran

I used to sit in front of Lun Gor.  He’s the wise one.  Even in the card, he wrote a long, meaningful proverb/phrase.  But on this night, he got quite tipsy, and left the restaurant without his backpack!

My seat… immediately on the right after entering the door…

Office location for most of the time


It was an unforgettable evening filled with hearty food, lots of laughter and amazing people. 



  1. Anne

    great to see all your big work families here!

  2. leena

    just look at that suckling pig…

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