More farewells

Very first friends in Hong Kong from University. Where better to grab one more dinner than at old Nam Shan Cheun.


oh their delicious “tung chu ku let”!

I could never forget the day I met Johnny.  We met at training, we sat next to each other, on the corner by the door, and he asked me without any shyness, “Does your visa have your employer printed on it?”.  We had just met.  That simple honest question made us fast friends.  Back then there were no special visas for graduates like us.  We would have to inform immigration if we changed jobs.  His goal, from the first day we met, was to leave ASAP.  Oh those long days in the first few years.  We always had lunch together in the 7th floor canteen, talked about our mundane days, our endless job applications, our relationship hurdles.  Keep searching, keep applying, keep persevering – for greater things.  Keep dreaming and keep chasing the dream.

Today, Cherry told me they were expecting a little baby in 6 months!   Heartiest congratulations to you two!




  1. leena

    first pic, guy in white shirt..chubby version of james?! it’s the glasses….

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