Chinese private dining

This was my first trying “see fang choy”, in other words private kitchen/dining.  It was basically Chinese fine dining at a “private” kitchen.  There is no menu to order from, every night  there is a fixed menu designed by the chef. There were only 3 tables in the little restaurant.  Ours was the biggest table and was inside a simple room with Chinese furniture.

This platter of “3” starters was the best item in the dinner.  I’ve never eaten a tomato prepared so beautifully and intricately.  It was peeled, and chilled and seemed to taste like a plum inside (maybe it was a special kind of tomato?), and hint of lychee.  And oh the egg….  it was not warm but room temperature, and it was SO SOFT and SMOOOOOOOTH. I’ve NEVER eaten an egg sooo smoooooothly prepared!  Delicious!


Hot and crispy on the outside and warm, soft flaky salmon with Chinese custard on the inside….MMMmmmm

i think it was Joyce who even arranged my favourite cake!!

The whole jing-bang.  Each one of them has been so kind and nice to me in the short period that i’ve known them.  Even our discussions were so honest, open, free and msot of all – sincere.  I will miss them all, their support, and their warmth!  Although there are lots of horror stories of work colleagues, i have been very lucky to have these older experienced managers supporting and encouraging me, acting as a mentor to me.

Shirley (in the middle with me in blue) was my boss for just 6 months.   Yet, it feels like i’ve known her for a long time,  I learnt SO much from her in such a short time.  She came from a completely different function, yet she slowly steadily grasped all the details of operations.  But more than that – she has a genuine interest in people and in her work.  A sincerity to know and understand.  And a really calm and gentle disposition.  And to top all that – she has 5 kids!  Still, she has managed to stay so calm, elegant, and kind.


My boss insisted I have photo in front of this writing.  She said it completely suited the farewell dinner.  A colleague tried to translate it as follows: to have a wider or broader perspective, you need to take the next step / or take a step higher. I guess it’s also an analogy as in physically, to see further and more, you need to climb higher (like on a mountain you see a lot further and wider).  This was a very memorable and sweet night.



  1. anne

    Haha i haven’t tried this before !!!! lucky girl !

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