Brunch with Claudia

Claudia’s a super soft-spoken and sweet person.  We had brunch at Din Tai Fung – my first time at this famous Michelin starred restaurant in Hong Kong.




  1. leena

    there’s din tai fung in hk? and it’s michelin starred?

    it’s taiwanese home company…we had one in LA..but i don’t think it was michelin starred. famous for its xiao long bao.

    • I”m not sure if the branch we went to was michelin starred or michelin recommended. i’ve been to the one in Shanghai, and thought it was v expensive for what it was (and full of foreigners).
      The HK one had more Chinese custoemrs but also a lot of foreigners, good mix, it was good, but i wouldn’t be able to tell it from other shanghai palces as a lost of casual shanghai dining in HK is very good. The drunken chicke;n is a lot btter in Wong Jia Sha in fact.

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