1 month

Today marks exactly 1 month since my arrival in Belgium and our finally starting a life together.  Seems like only yesterday when the 2 flights seemed like forever…

Jet Airways has SO much leg space

New Delhi airport

Quite nice, don’t you think?  I hope the new terminal in Cal will be as nice!

1st evening together with the legal right to reside in the same continent/country



  1. anne

    that card is cute!! how long is the flight? I must try Jet airway next time! So happy to see you lovely two finally together !!!
    post more photo and your life story there !

    • Thanks Anne,
      yeah Jet airways was very good, but it is always going via Delhi/Mumbai so both the flights are long 8 and 10 i think it was. very tiring. better to take one long flight and one short. but quite cheap 🙂

  2. Gloria Chan

    Really happy for you two!

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