Happy 1 Year Anniversary

Although its been 1 year, it feels like just 2 months.  We started the day with Gordon Ramsay styled scrambled egg with bacons and toast and then visite Castle van Gasbeek. The castle was small and cute although overpriced (8 euros per person!).  And we ended the day with a scrumptious dinner Spaansdak.    This is literally THE fanciest restaurant I have ever been to.  As it was a Saturday, they did not serve the season specialty but the standard menus.  We ordered one seafood and one meat menu.  A beautiful day. Only, I missed everyone at home.

Always so heartfelt and sweet to get a simple “wink”
130615 - 2
130615 - 7130615 - 6
there was a wedding couple there for portraits… and this was their license plate!

130615 - 12
130615 - 16130615 - 28
130615 - 24
130615 - 34130615 - 38
130615 - 33
130615 - 35
130615 - 39
130615 - 40
130615 - 56
The “appetizer” that comes with every meal – its not part of the menu, its part of eating!
That glass was an asparagus puree… oooh sooo goood… topped with parmesan foam!
Left….spanish sausage with pecan and caramel
Right… sausage with foam and quinoa

130615 - 59
White wine with a “mandarin”

130615 - 60
Tom’s first course: pork with apple fritter and foam, and pomegranate and walnut on a bed of sausage
Ooh that pork was cooked to JUST the right degree

130615 - 63
Seafood first course: Raw salmon (sashimi actually) with asparagus and mayonaise
Was less special than Tom’s

130615 - 64130615 - 65
I don’t even eat brown bread and I ate this brown bread! with butter topped with rock salt and a mix of very special pepper

130615 - 66130615 - 68
Second courses.
Left: Red mullet
Rice: lemon sole with cannoli wrapped around langoustines

130615 - 70130615 - 71
The mains…
Left: fish
Right: lamb… this was more yummy than the fish…

130615 - 74130615 - 76
Left: the fanciest dame blanche Ive ever seen (dame blanche is vanilla with fresh chocolate sauce).
This one came with cotton candy, and the smoothest creamiest ice cream.
Right: A platter of hazelnut in different textures and preparations…

130615 - 80130615 - 81
And then we ordered tea and coffee and it came with all these!
Those pecan biscuits were soooo goood.
And the little white things looked so sweeet and Tom told me to just pop the whole thing into my mouth….
…. and I did….
…. and there was a BURST of fresh lemon kind of liquid inside!

130615 - 82130615 - 85
Oooh and these white chocolates… u pop them in and there is another BURST of liquor…

Most extravagant dinner ever…Have to say this place is AMAZING for value for money….

130615 - 86
Happy 1 year baby!



  1. anne

    Happy anniversary Lily and Tom! can’t believe it’s one year!

    lily, are those pictures all token by you! surprised me, you have advanced your photographic skill! half-pro, keep going lily

  2. Doris

    Beautiful pic and beautiful couple !! Wish u are happiness and conjugal love forever 🙂

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