5-days a week!

This was the FIRST time in my life  I’ve cooked FIVE DAYS A WEEK without eating out once!  Weekend!!  And then on Saturday we had dinner at the Blondiau’s and Sunday we cooked which means… wait… no eating out 7 days consecutive!  I feel so healthy and quite proud to have achieved this little thing.  And actually, I’m enjoying cooking so much that I dun wanna go out cos there are so many more recipes I want to learn.   Especially mom’s and leena’s.   (But then again, I also do not know any restaurant here that I want to go…. like… im actually craving for sichuan food, drunken chicken and SUSHI).

1. almost perfected this Olive and Lemon Chicken after this 3rd try

2. first time to try spare ribs here… the ribs here take a WHILE to cook….
and… yet to perfect the sichuan cucumbers…

3. my first try at mom’s momo!!!  I found pure minced pork and I can’t wait to try again!
4. my first time to make a tomato sauce WITHOUT ANY CONCENTRATE!!!!
all fresh ingredients, and then with cheese sausage…
it was sooo goood…. if I may say so myself Smile 

5. Fifth meal… we had Siegfreid and Hanne over for a thai dinner!!!
forgot to get pics Sad smile 

7. Sunday dinner …. still yet to learn how to tell when the salmon is COOKED.



  1. Bonnie Wong

    Good chef Lily.Looking forward to try your tasty foods 🙂

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