Barcelona: Day 3–Sagrada Familia

Day 3 was another day of…of course… GAUDI.  This guy was everyhwere!  Sagrada Familia was and probably will be the most fantastical church we’ve ever visited.  Construction began in 1882, and a year later, Gaudi took over and changed the design to his. The church remains unfinished since his death in 1926!  It’s been over 80 years since his death and the church is STILL unfinished!  There was still a lot of construction going on.

130729 Barcelona - 43130729 Barcelona - 2
The church reminds me of the palace of the snow queen in Chronicles of Narnia!
Except, this deisgn and façade existed before books like Narna, Alice in Wonderland and so on.
Can’t help but wonder if these writers took inspiration from this church?

130729 Barcelona - 9
130729 Barcelona - 34
The façade that was completed by Gaudi

130729 Barcelona - 12130729 Barcelona - 13
130729 Barcelona - 11
All main pillars split into smaller pillars on the top.
Perhaps it was to make you feel like under a huge tree.

130729 Barcelona - 19130729 Barcelona - 20

130729 Barcelona - 29
When you look up inside the church!

130729 Barcelona - 54
Literally just breath taking.  Most fantastical church, modern, gothic, grand, mysterious, curious, crazy.
130729 Barcelona - 24
It’s able to fir over 8000!
130729 Barcelona - 33130729 Barcelona - 31
130729 Barcelona - 49
Looking up!

130729 Barcelona - 56
Stained glass by recent artists, inspired by Gaudi
130729 Barcelona - 55
The inspiration for the structure.What was this genius THINKING?
All these little bags were hung from the strings.
This is supposed to be the church “upside down”.  The bags are actually the roofs.

130729 Barcelona - 57
Fantasy-like church tops!  Never seen anything like it.  Like fruit bunches!
130729 Barcelona - 58130729 Barcelona - 74
130729 Barcelona - 64130729 Barcelona - 66
130729 Barcelona - 62
View from a small bridge connecting two of the highest towers.

130729 Barcelona - 70
Beautiful shadow of the 4 towers.
There is supposed to be a 5th much higher tower in the middle.
Perhaps still under construction…

130729 Barcelona - 72
And of course… all frames had to be rounded.

130729 Barcelona - 81130729 Barcelona - 75

130729 Barcelona - 79
130729 Barcelona - 87130729 Barcelona - 76

130729 Barcelona - 84130729 Barcelona - 89
Half the church is STILL under constrction even 80 years after the architect’s death.
So much controversy has surrounded the design over the ages.

After the church, we visited Guel Park, designed by …again… Gaudi.

130729 Barcelona - 91
130729 Barcelona - 97
130729 Barcelona - 96130729 Barcelona - 102
130729 Barcelona - 110130729 Barcelona - 113

130729 Barcelona - 120
130729 Barcelona - 117130729 Barcelona - 116
He designed these strange houses ….so Alice in Wonderland like , no?

130729 Barcelona - 123130729 Barcelona - 122

We had one goal in Barcelona.  To eat one Spanish/tapas meal that would be better than the scrumptious Spanish tapas Elliott took us to eat in London!!!!   Finally, our 3rd dinner here, we tried a restaurant highly recommended by the guide book.  The first day we came here, there was a HUGE line, so we though, hmm, it must be good, and we came back tonight, and it was GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!

130729 Barcelona - 124
130729 Barcelona - 135
Starting off with, of course, Spanish cured meat!

130729 Barcelona - 138130729 Barcelona - 139
French Camembert cheese (tom’s favourite), covered in nuts and deep fried!  Yummmyyy
Crunchy on the outside and soft and melting on the inside!

130729 Barcelona - 133
I think the only Anchovies I’ve had that I LOVED!!! so light, and pleasantly marinated! With egg plant and tomatoes!

130729 Barcelona - 134
This one was not so good.
Egg plant, with red peppers, tomatoes, and topped off with goat cheese.
But the goat cheese was not warm. 

130729 Barcelona - 136
A small veal steak on a toast topped with a green pepper.
The veal was soooooo beautifully cooked.
SOO TENDER and pink …mmmmmm … should have taken a pic of the inside!

130729 Barcelona - 137
And of course… the dish that would compete with the crazy delicious shrimps from London.
Sooo glad we decided to splurge on the more expensive shrimps (they had several shrimps tapas!).
Sooo worth it!!!  Totally different kind of preparation from the one in London.
But the marinade was SOOOO goood.   Herbal, olive-y, lemony, crunchy….MMMMMMmmm
130729 Barcelona - 140
And then we were almost done.  We wanted to get something small.  But we saw these 2 Spanish next to us ordering this.
It was on a big plate.  And they were locals.  And older man with a very young man.
Oh, how we debated that we won’t be able to finish it.  But we ordered it.
It’s matchstick sized potatoes deep fried, topped with two very runny fried eggs.

130729 Barcelona - 141
The waitress then slashes the egg in front of you and then mixes it with the hot fried potatoes.
I took my FIRST bite and went “Who… this is sooo goood”
The older gentlemen looked at us.  “So simple yet so delciious”, he said with a smile.
We were STUFFED after this huge plate of potatoes and eggs.
Love sitting next to locals and copying their orders!Smile
Can’t wait to try to make this!


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  1. Aline

    Nice to read you and glad you are enjoying the summer!
    Never been to Barcelona and after reading you, I want to go!!
    Did you drive there? If yes, on the way back, come and visit us!! Xx

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