Barcelona: Day 4–Day trip to Figueres

After Day 3, we felt we had already covered all the main must-sees in Barcelona.  Most of which was of course… Gaudi-related.  We were wanting something more.  So after reading raving reviews, we decided to take the 2 hr train ride to Museum of Dali in a small town called Figueres.  This was our second art museum in this trip, the first one being Picasso of which neither of us understood anything.  This on was more interesting in that it had paintains, drawings, sketches, sculptures even jewelry.  And it was all sooo peculiar…bizarre.  But 40 minutes later, I concluded that I’m really not an art museum person.  1 hr max.  Beyond that, I was bored and itching to go outdoors, see some country side or walk the streets.  Luckily, Tom really enjoyed it.  Still, one thing we learnt, we should stick to outdoors, nature, walks and keep museums to a 1-hr visit.  Not reserve a whole day trip for a museum.



Do you see a man’s face with long hair and beard?
Or a woman holding something in her hands?

This bed is like the bed of some serpent queen?

Do you see a face of a woman with big nostrils and red lips?
It’s a living room with red sofa, 3 paintings and 2 small fireplaces…

Ceiling of a room

Pendant by Dali

After we returned, we went to the famous Barcelona seaside.  Disappointment.  Quite commercial and lots of trash and cigarette butts everywhere on the sand!!! There were even huge signs saying “please throw your cigarette butts here”!  I much prefer secluded sandy white beaches like those in Sanya (China).

someday I’ll be able to take better photos of Tom…


We seeked out a restaurant that was highly recommended in the guide book for a good paella.  And oh, it did not disappoint!!!

My first time to eat these kind of clams.
They were soooo beautifully prepared and grilled.  MMmmmmm…..

Best Paella EVER!!!
a HUGE pan for 2.
Shrimps, crayfish, mussels, and lots of cuttle fish!  Yummmy!!!!!!!  we were STUFFED



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