Summer in Toronto: Day 2–A Beautiful Sunday (part 1/2)

This was my second favourite day (first being hot pot night!).  It was sooo relaxed, hanging out with Mom, AhQ, Qmei, and all FOUR cousins.  Tai, Sei, Vic, Allan.  Just like old times, except this was new times.  With our hubbies, partners, fiancée and even a little baby (Vic, get gf soon! Smile) .   Making new memories.  Amidst delicious food, beautiful homes, lovely weather.

For the rest of the week, every morning, we came down to this little bundle of joy, taking her time to eat baby food.  This was our first morning, she was obviously soo confused what the hell was going on…  Baby Allison is a real champ.  Today, she was out out ALL DAY with us,  from noon to night!!!  Oh my goodness!!!  Most people I know with such small (or even older) babies seldom even go out, or only for a few hours. Sigh… when we have a baby, I want him/her to be like baby Allison!

130804 Toronto - 1130804 Toronto - 2
130804 Toronto - 3
130804 Toronto - 4130804 Toronto - 5
Scratch scratch…sooo confused…. hehe…

130804 Toronto - 7130804 Toronto - 11
130804 Toronto - 12130804 Toronto - 10
130804 Toronto - 8
130804 Toronto - 9
130804 Toronto - 14130804 Toronto - 15
And every morning was a feast of a breakfast with THREE different kinds of ham, eggs,
different kinds of bread, croissant,sooo many different JUICES (Sigh… I miss the lemonade)…
wish I got pic of our full breakfast…
And my favourite… ZHONGE!!!!!!  QMei made these….sooo gooood and hearty. 

130804 Toronto - 16130804 Toronto - 17
Baby Allison eating her baby food at restaurant!
Seriously,  Keith made it look all sooo easy….
Sending tom to keith when time arrives for training…. hehehhe

130804 Toronto - 18130804 Toronto - 19
Haven’t had a mixed vegetable uttappam in AGES!!! it was sooo goood!!!
And deep fried vada……yummmmm…..

130804 Toronto - 21IMG_8230
PAV BHAJI!!!!!!!!  Indian street food….soooo gooood.
The bread was soo beautifully toasted too

130804 Toronto - 27
The BIGGEST Dosa we’ve ever had!!! 

130804 Toronto - 29
130804 Toronto - 26
Digging in!

130804 Toronto - 33
It was not the same, but still soo good in its own way….
Like a kulfi/icecream/sorbet mix ….and the flavours were strong and indian!

130804 Toronto - 34130804 Toronto - 48
Sei’s home!  so pretty even from the outside!

130804 Toronto - 43130804 Toronto - 37
Everyone chking out baby sleeping….

130804 Toronto - 35
Canadian streets sooooo CLEAN.
The air here so soo fresh, so much greenery and wide spaces, everything so NEW. 

130804 Toronto - 36
Looks like set of Desperate Housewives to me!!!  what a pretty sight

130804 Toronto - 47
130804 Toronto - 38130804 Toronto - 39
Welcome to the gang Freda!! Smile

DSC_0125130804 Toronto - 45
130804 Toronto - 53130804 Toronto - 56
130804 Toronto - 63
LOVE this living room – such high ceilings!  the yellow and white so funky and modern.
130804 Toronto - 66130804 Toronto - 67
Dreaming of high ceilings….

130804 Toronto - 58
Love this dining!!  So modern yet classic.
I always want a round table…. we grew up with a round table and something about roundtable is so homely. 

130804 Toronto - 70
Just chilling out at Sei’s! Open-mouthed smile

130804 Toronto - 73
130804 Toronto - 75
Look at that SPACE!!!!!!  *dream*
Even with a window by the sink for all the herbs!
And dark wood looks so good in big spaces!!!  Classic.



  1. leena

    the pic with everyone in the look like 3rd ayee…..!

    i didn’t think the uttapam was good ><

    • haha not at all like 3rd ahyee.

      uttappam was good. i think cos my first time to eat it in AGES. of course not as flavourful as hot nuts but can’t compare to hot nuts. perhaps yo uget better in SJ thats why!

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