Summer in Toronto: Day 9, 10

10 days passed by so fast.  An unforgettable week with grandparents, childhood cousins, the most cutest little baby…and delicious meal after meal.  Childhood wouldn’t have been the same without Ahkung, Ahbho, and our childhood cousins.  It made growing up so much fun. So much laughter, sharing, tears, fights, and laughter.  And tai and sei, always the older role models with beautiful long black hair.  After all these years, it was so wonderful to catch up, now as adults, hanging out, watching tv, eating yummy food, just being together.

Tai and Keith took us to eat this super delicious pho… haven’t had good pho in AGES.  Not since leaving toronto . For some reason the phos in hk are just not it.

130811 - Toronto -12
130811 - Toronto -13130811 - Toronto -14
Tom’s seafood was sooo good he ate it all by himself with no allergy

130811 - Toronto -16

Lee Kung is over 90 years old.  He travelled a 9 hour journey by car from New York to Toronto.  I chatted with him for a bit and it was such a lovely chat. He remembered things from oh sooooo long ago.  His trips around Asia.  His first time to get the Indian passport, then the American passport.  ANd the funniest thing was , I think he thought I don’t know much Hakka so he kept on shifting from hakka…to hindi… to ENGLISH!!!  His english was SO GOOD!!! I had no idea….   He told me about his citizenship interview in the USA and how his interviewer was Indian…from Banagalore… he could remember the smallest detail.  He could remember “Tung Lo Wan” (Causeway Bay)!!!  Amazing!!!  He told me about the one time he met his sister in Causeway Bay after years apart.  So wonderful talking to him.

130811 - Toronto -28130811 - Toronto -15
Ah Kung and Ah Bho…
130811 - Toronto -22
130811 - Toronto -38
130811 - Toronto -39
130811 - Toronto -43
Papdi Chaat!!!! YUMMMYYYYYYY

130811 - Toronto -45
OH MY!!! PUCHKA!!!!!!
130812 - Toronto -88
Value for money – all you can eat – indian food – with street junk food tooo!

130812 - Toronto -3130812 - Toronto -2130812 - Toronto -6
It was sooo awesome and cosy hanging out here…. just like old times… when we were little back in Cal
130812 - Toronto -13
Houses here are SOOOOOooo pretttttyyyyyyy and we were amazed by the hi-tech of it.
Especially the vacum feature in the new houses…. no more lugging your vacuum around…
invest in a big one, and then plug your hose into any outlet in the home!!!
amazing!!! THey should introduce that everywhere!

130812 - Toronto -14
Keith, Tai, Sei, Tin Lok

Can’t thank you enough for making our stay sooo memorable, fun, delicious, unforgettable!
Really hope we have a chance to return the hospitality to you when you visit us!
Hope we can meet again soon ❤

130812 - Toronto -17
130812 - Toronto -11
130812 - Toronto -19
130812 - Toronto -22
Chuuu leee!!!

130812 - Toronto -35
130812 - Toronto -40130812 - Toronto -41
Look at Baby Allison when Tom tried to steal her!!!  Hahhahah she was sooo scared!!!
130812 - Toronto -42
That’s tom’s hand on the left! hahahahah
Doesn’t she look ADORABLE when she’s “pien zhoi”!!!
130812 - Toronto -45130812 - Toronto -46
Still looking at tom on the left!!! sooo cute…
130812 - Toronto -47
130812 - Toronto -51
130812 - Toronto -58
Okay! I think I remember you!!!

130812 - Toronto -63
3 generations


One comment

  1. Gloria Chan

    Li, thank you for these wonderful photos! One of the most memorable moments of our lives! Just like old times when we were growing up! We had so much time with you staying with us! The house felt so empty and quiet for weeks after you left and Alli missed the full house too. Miss you guys alot too! Hope we can see other more often. Your photography skills is pretty good – attention to details.

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