Biking in “Brussels” countryside

Back in September, during the last days of sunshine and warmth, Hanne and Siegfried suggested we go on a biking double date.  I was hesitant (kmon, this is physical!) , but it turned out to be SO FUN and relaxing!!!  We had sandwhiches on the green grass overlooking the country side and then biked 35 KM (35!! omg!! I can barely walk 3 kms!).  Tom and I were on a tandem, I sat at the back (but its STILL a lot more work than you’d think!).  I don’t think I’ve ever done THIS much exercise and still had fun.  And oooh the COUNTRY SIDE was soooo beautiful.  The amazing thing was that it was JUST 20 mins outside our home!!!  It was almost like you know.. the villages in Lord of the Rings! Smile   We even passed orchards and an old windmill where they used to shoot some popular tv show (and still functions as a windmill).

And to top it all, we ended with delicious Indian take-out (with TANDOORI) at our home Smile.  These photos do no justice to the beautiful scenery, so I guess I gotta keep working on improving on landscape photography.

130922 Biking - 4

130922 Biking - 5130922 Biking - 6
130922 Biking - 10130922 Biking - 8
130922 Biking - 2130922 Biking - 13
130922 Biking - 16130922 Biking - 17
130922 Biking - 11130922 Biking - 20
130922 Biking - 21
130922 Biking - 22


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