Rotterdam, Amsterdam

It was a long weekend, so we did an overnight road trip to our neighbour, Amsterdam!

But the highlight of the trip was our stop at Rotterdam to catch up with old lost friends.  I first met Yu Hin and Julia all the way back in 2006 in Hong Kong.  Yu Hin was an exchange student from the Nederland, and Julia from South Korea.  I met up with Yu Hin again when he was visiting HK later, but we lost touch over the years with occasional msgs.  Until we found out (over facebook) that we were now neighbours!  So after dropping an FB message, we met up with them in Rotterdam, and these two showed true to Asian style hospitality and generosity.  We were so touched!   Despite being out of touch for so many years, they were so warm and welcomed us to their home and it felt so easy and natural, like old friends, talking about real stuffs…. you know… like long distance and adjustment to europe … Smile

They took us to eat DIM SUM.  REAL dim sum in a REAL 酒楼, ah it felt SO good.  I mean… we even had siu mai and CHEONG FUN!!!!  (FRESH, not defrosted dim sum!)   the cheong fun was sooo smoooth, just like in HK!  and we had BEIJING DUCK!!! what a FEAST!

131109 - Amsterdam - 1
Yes, a pretty good Peking Duck, in a real “酒楼”in Rotterdam
(you know the kinda restaurant where you have wedding banquets… such Chinese restaurants don’t exist in belgiumSad smile)

131109 - Amsterdam - 3
isn’t this girl sooooo pretttyyy

It was so fun and interesting to get reconnected again.  Yu Hin and Julia, like Tom and I, were on LONG-DISTANCE relationship for… like…EVER … until they got married.  Yup.  Across the Nederland and South Korea, time difference, expensive cross-continent tickets and all the ups and downs that come with long distance.   And like me, Julia loved HEMA and IKEA! hahahahha the two most lively, colourful and innovative places you can visit in this side of the world! (and too see all the “cute” stuff in Hema… ah I miss shopping in Japan Home and street markets, and Log-On).  Guys, can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful and cosy evening, and we look forward to having you in our home in Brussels soon!

131109 - Amsterdam - 4
The view from their building in Rotterdam!

131109 - Amsterdam - 5131109 - Amsterdam - 6

And the next day we were in Amstedam!

131110 - Amsterdam - 10
It was early november but I was so happy that the xmas decorations were up!!! Smile

131110 - Amsterdam - 8131110 - Amsterdam - 12
131110 - Amsterdam - 16131110 - Amsterdam - 14
131110 - Amsterdam - 21
131110 - Amsterdam - 22
People LIVED on these boat houses

131110 - Amsterdam - 17131110 - Amsterdam - 19
131110 - Amsterdam - 24131110 - Amsterdam - 20
131110 - Amsterdam - 28
131110 - Amsterdam - 29
131110 - Amsterdam - 30
131110 - Amsterdam - 39
131110 - Amsterdam - 45
131110 - Amsterdam - 42131110 - Amsterdam - 46
131110 - Amsterdam - 51131110 - Amsterdam - 50
131110 - Amsterdam - 57131110 - Amsterdam - 58
RED light area was kinda SHOCKING to me.  Wherever there’s a red light… there is a glass door…
you can see a little room with a bedroom, a washbasin and a toilet and….a woman dressed very scantily.
Apparently you could just knock and enter these rooms and then they would draw a curtain across the glass door….

131110 - Amsterdam - 55
131110 - Amsterdam - 61

Amsterdam was very small, cosy, with lotsa “coffee” shops (café where u can smoke weed/pot!).
But we’re definitely coming back to treat ourselves to some good Chinese food!!  Mmm



  1. Leena

    thats a biogas Christmas tree. And wasnt it too early for Christmas?

  2. Leena

    I meant big ass

    • Yeah it was only first wknd of November and htey had xmas decoratiosn already – just like in HK!!! the place is a LOT more lively and bustling than belgium and modern and clean too.

      and yeah it was kinda big ass christmas tree!! haha reminded me of festival walk!

  3. anne

    lily! your pictures are awesome! why not you becomes photographer as part time!

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