A little Chinese feast

Recently, our friends Lixi and Xavier invited us to their home for dinner.  And WOW it was a FEAST!!!  Lixi is Chinese, Xavier is Belgian, but they both love cooking – and cooking things from scratch!  They buy whole chicken and make stock with it instead of u know the packaged fillets and all.  It was a delicious dinner, with 5 dishes and a home-made dessert!  We’re having them over in January so I better have at least ONE decent dish ready!!!  yikes nervous!!   Thank you Lixi and Xavier for a delicious and wonderful evening! Smile  See you soon!

131130 - LX - 1131130 - LX - 2

131130 - LX - 3131130 - LX - 5
I got to see Lixi make this yummy beef in sichuan style – will have to try it sometime!

131130 - LX - 4131130 - LX - 9
131130 - LX - 8
131130 - LX - 7
And my favourite dish. … 口水鸡 … not eaten this since LEAVING HK!!!!
I used to eat this dish EVERY WEEK in hong kong –
it was a routine to eat at the sichuan place for at least once in lunch time!!!
Going to have to try making this sometime!


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