Holiday Season 2013

Our very first time to celebrate Christmas without a “visit”.

2013 has been a year of changes.  Moving.  New experiences.  Leaving hong kong was in a way hard.  Having left home at 18, I’ve always believed, home is where the *heart* is.  Still, when I left in April 2013, I left a small piece of my heart in this city I’ve come to call home.  For the past 7 years, I came “home” to a tiny apartment.  Its where I studied, did my first job, and met my closest friends… and hubby. 

In 2013… I finally QUIT my job. Left HK.  Arrived in Belgium.  I  lived in Paris for 2 months (! never imagined in my wildest dreams!).  I learned to speak french.  And learned to let go (and still learning) of constantly being anxious for the future.  But to instead be in the present.  This year, I was JOBLESS for MOST of the year!!!   And it was SCARY.   But I also felt liberated.  And lucky that T could support us both until I found something.  We celebrated *1* year of marriage! We learned to COOK.   I found a passion and fulfillment in photography.  I learned of all the inconveniences of living in Belgium.   And discovered all the PROS of living in Belgium.  Made new friends.  Learned to drive….  Saw grandparents after SO many years.  Went home for the first time in FOUR years.   Finally started a life with T…together. 

It was a year of changes, of experiences.  It was scary, and fun and full of discoveries and somewhat lacking in “achievements”.     Anyways, I’m blabbing now… as usual… when I just wanted to share photos from the holiday season. 

 131207 HolidaySeason - 1
Our Christmas tree from China

131207 HolidaySeason - 2
This is the most modern mall in Brussels, quite near our home.  Pretty don’t you think Smile 

131221 HolidaySeason - 7131221 HolidaySeason - 8
We hosted a pot-luck party!!! for 10!!! (feel so adult now!) 
131222 HolidaySeason - 10131221 HolidaySeason - 9
Tom and his favourite desserts – jelly shots, cheese and tiramisu, and even a rhubarb pie

131224 HolidaySeason - 27
Lunch/Dinner in Leuven with T’s family

131223 HolidaySeason - 25131224 HolidaySeason - 28
A tourist t-shirt … and Christmas special coke cans in Belgium

Celebrating christmas in our first home with oysters, roast beef, asparagus….

131225 HolidaySeason - 29131225 HolidaySeason - 32
Tom’s favourites!!!  Relatively cheap here – 10 euros for almost 20 from the supermarket!  Even I liked them!
131225 HolidaySeason - 33131225 HolidaySeason - 35
Splurging on asparagus and ROAST BEEF – all home made!

131226 HolidaySeason - 37131227 HolidaySeason - 38131227 HolidaySeason - 40
The next day we celebrated with another Potluck at the Sarin’s !
There was a lot of indian food and even a home-made cheese cake. 
  I made mom’s style MOMO!!! (Everyone loved it!Smile)

131231 HolidaySeason - 43131231 HolidaySeason - 45
Ringing in the new year with friends and lamb rack, scallop, and a game of scrabble until 3 am…


I wish we could spend the holiday season with everyone back home/USA someday.


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