A “japanese” eating trip in Dusseldorf

Our friends Yuhin and Julia told us that to visit Dusseldorf for excellent Japanese food.  So just before starting my (new!) job, we decided to make the most of my last few days of unemployment and did an overnight trip.  All we did was eat at 2 Japanese restaurants (turned out they were on the same block even!) and visit Steinway.  We reached just in time for lunch at a ramen place – and there was a LINE on a THURSDAY afternoon!

Nani-wa Noodles & Soup
Oststrasse 55, 40211 Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany (Stadt-Mitte)

140214 - Dusseldorf -1140214 - Dusseldorf -2
Japanese fried chicken:  it was delicious!!! could be more crispy,
reminds me of all the times I’d buy a Japanese crispy chicken from the Shanghai airport on the way back to HK
Gyoza dumplings: yummy!
Ramen with pork:  just ok la….but felt good to eat ramen again Smile
140214 - Dusseldorf -3
And tom had a kimchi ramen . we had all this + 2 drinks for 30 euros (a  pasta in brussels costs 15 euros)

Between lunch and dinner, all we did was check in to our hotel, walk around an asian supermarket, and visit this Steinway store/workshop.

140214 - Dusseldorf -4
this gentleman has been building and restoring piano for the past 40 years.
he looked like einstein!  he also tunes piano for world-famous piano concerts around germany.
its so inspring… the dedication and passion for his work…
he was LITERALLY smoothing the metal and the wood on the piano ONE-BY-ONE
and the two apprentice in the background, they were manually smoothening out the metals that go into it and the strings!!!
so we learnt that ALL these steinway pianos are HAND-MADE. NO WONDER they are freakin expensive!!!!

140214 - Dusseldorf -5
140214 - Dusseldorf -7
And all the steinways in all their glory…..

And after checking into our hotel… it was soon…DINNER TIME!!! what we came here for!!!!!

Klosterstrasse 70, 40211 Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany (Stadt-Mitte)
+49 211 362677 (need reservations, place is small!)

140214 - Dusseldorf -16
Our super sushi set with tuna, yellow fish, red snapper, scallop, shrimp and one more white fish that I do not know
This was about 2x euros!!!  and its considered cheap!!!
Plenty of sushi places in brussels, but they sell typical standard stuffs (no yellow tail!), and at poor quality

When I was in HK, I used to think I couldn’t really tell between OK sushi and good sushi,
but yeah from brussels sushi to dusseldorf was like from bad sushi to good sushi in HK!

140214 - Dusseldorf -15
we added salmon, another scallop, and sweet shrimp
140214 - Dusseldorf -19140214 - Dusseldorf -20140214 - Dusseldorf -21
we first thought… nah no  way they’d have that steamed egg here… but no harm in asking right???
so we struggled to explain what we wanted (they speak german and japanese only)
Sooooo SMOOTH, sooo wobbbly and we chose one with oysters… YUMMMMMM
how can we make these??? why aren’t chinese steamed eggs this smooth and wobbly???

140214 - Dusseldorf -18
And to our surprise they also had this simple PORK CHOP with SCRAMBLED EGG!!!!
YUMMY!!!!  was pretty good!
(haven’t found any japanese place selling this in belgium!

And of course, we ended it with miso-soup, green tea ice cream and white sesame icecream.

And a bill of 62 Euros!!!  Wow, never thought I’d think 62 euros on simple japanese food is “so reasonable”!  Not to mention we can’t even find some of these in belgium regardless of price.  But still, such a luxury, guilty pleasure.

Our room at Achenbach Hotel.  A very tiny boutique hotel in a very old and pretty house.  All the furniture had these old fashioned knobs of lion faces.  “Modern” hotels here is sooo not worth the price (esp compared to the standard in asia).  So we thought to choose an old-fashioend european experience instead….

140214 - Dusseldorf -10140214 - Dusseldorf -9
140214 - Dusseldorf -12140214 - Dusseldorf -13140214 - Dusseldorf -11
they even had this thing to hang your clothese when you undress – just like in downtown abbey! haha
And the old dark desk reminded me of mom and dad’s dressing table.
And this hotel was 10 mins drive from the restaurants, which was on the same block!

140215 - Dusseldorf -23
The next day we walked the shopping street (where I can’t afford anythign lol)
and ate some good pad thai …

And then home we returned to little belgium…. passing these beautiful country side around Brussels…
140215 - Dusseldorf -25140215 - Dusseldorf -28
140215 - Dusseldorf -32


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