Lille–Part 1 (with the girls)

Back in Feb, Tom went on a skiing trip with his bff Thomas aka BlondieSmile with tongue out.  While they went skiing, I met up with Nathalie and Anje for a girl’s day out in Lille – 2 hours drive from Brussels.  Wow, this was such a fun day.  It was my first time since coming to Belgium to go SHOPPING with girlfriends!!!   Decision making was made sooo much easier! haha!  I usually shopped alone anyways in HK or with Anne, cos you know, I’m annoyingly indecisive and super picky I’d feel so uncomfortable going shopping with anyone.  So the best part of this girl’s day out was finding TWO other shopping partners who were just AS PICKY and patient!!  We had the same needs and comments over things we saw, and the day turned out so relaxing .  We shopped for like…. 7 hours!!!  Mostly walking around and window shopping but still…. and of course a delicious lunch!  I’ve always been awkward, self-conscious, geeky, and I felt just so lucky to be able to hang out with these girls so comfortably and openly and honestly.  Thanks for such a great day and look forward to many more girly trips and hearty conversations…

140222 - Lille -1140222 - Lille -2
Tom and Thomas… getting ready for their 7 hr drive to the ski resort in France

We started our day with…of course… delicious lunch from a café I found on Cheeseweb

140222 - Lille -4140222 - Lille -5
the salads were a bit small and good but simple
140222 - Lille -3
But the quiche!!!  I’ve only had salmon / lorraine/ cheese quiches…
This one was with ARTICHOKES, CHICKEN and GOAT CHEESE.  Sooo different and YUMMMY!!!!!

140222 - Lille -7
All kinds of pretty muffins
140222 - Lille -6
they looked tempting but we were too full…

140222 - Lille -9
After 7 hrs in Lille, we returned to  this beautiful sushi boat
Pretty good and high quality sushi and value for money (for European standards of course).
Great for just eating sushi and some sashimi, although there  was a bit too much makis meant to just fill you I suppose…

140222 - Lille -10
to new friends Smile


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