Spaans Daak

Luc invited us to celebrate his 70th Birthday at his favourite restaurant Spaans Dak.  It was my 4th time here!  For the service, and the quality and the really fine work and effort put into the food, this restaurant is a pretty good deal.  My first ever fine-dining experience was also here and I haven’t eaten this level of fine-dining elsewhere since (well cos the value here is sooo good! Smile ).  In HK, I do believe a meal like this would be at the least three times if not more.

140309 - Lucs Bday -1140309 - Lucs Bday -2
140309 - Lucs Bday -4140309 - Lucs Bday -5
Luc with his gift from T’s mom: a book of jokes!
And the bread here…the freshest, most yummiest bread I’ve ever eaten!

140309 - Lucs Bday -7140309 - Lucs Bday -8
The appetizers of the day: shrimp tempura, and a chorizo spring roll…mmmmm
And a ravioli with shrimps
140309 - Lucs Bday -9
Starter: Seafood platter! a single beautifully seared scallop, squid ink, a lobster sashimi (first time to eat this YUM),
a deep fried oyster and a bed of flatted squid carpaccio, and again squid ink that has been dried and fried like a chip!
140309 - Lucs Bday -10
first course: mackarel.  I do think the best mackarels are the japanese ones!! this was great, but the skin was not crispy
140309 - Lucs Bday -11
rib-eye steak with…BEET ROOT SAUCE!  so interesting and sweet and pleasant to the taste

140309 - Lucs Bday -13
dessert: this place makes the SOFTEST, SMOOTHEST, ice-cream I’ve EVER eaten.
it’s so good there should be a new word for this type of ice-cream.
served with hazel nut, foam of nuts, thin crispy banana chips

140309 - Lucs Bday -14140309 - Lucs Bday -15140309 - Lucs Bday -16
and then you finish off with “tea and coffee” which comes with again the best little treats.
my favourite is always the house made chocolates with liquor, a burst of liquor
and the pine nut biscuits – reminds me of something we used to eat in India as a child.


This birthday lunch started from 12 and ended at 5 pm.   To many long and healthy years ahead!


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