A Belgian winter BBQ

A Belgian winter is grey, cold, and often rainy.  So what do people do indoors? Indoor BBQ!  Today, we had our first taste of the Belgian indoor barbecue – they call it “gourmet” here.

140315 - BelgiumBBQ -2140315 - BelgiumBBQ -4
sausages, chicken, pork, lamb, and different kinds of cheese, with mushroom, bread…mmmm
140315 - BelgiumBBQ -5140315 - BelgiumBBQ -6
our hosts hard at work! Smile
140315 - BelgiumBBQ -7140315 - BelgiumBBQ -8
140315 - BelgiumBBQ -3140315 - BelgiumBBQ -10
140316 - BelgiumBBQ -11140316 - BelgiumBBQ -12
and a super delicious and simple red fruit parfait…mmm…


One comment

  1. Nathalie Sarin

    Super Nice pics again Lily 🙂

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