Berlin: Day 1/2

This past Easter, we did a 7 hr drive for a  weekend city trip to Berlin with Hanne & Siegfried.  We walked hand-in-hand, learning the history of a city, a country, that has been through so much.  I know so little about Germany’s history and felt so humbled and fortunate the more I learnt of the tumultuous history.  We started out on Friday night, with a stop over in , of course, Dusseldorf for good Japanese food at Ya Base again! Sushi, scallop, steamed egg, katsudon…mmm.  I used to think I couldn’t tell the difference between good tuna and bad tuna…until I suddenly ate tuna in Dusseldorf, a stark constrast to tuna in Belgium.

140418 - Berlin -1140418 - Berlin -2

We arrived at noon and I’m so glad we took the budget Ibis hotel, just basics, but it was in the centre of town!  We literally walked 10 mins to the most important tourist attraction, the Berlin Wall.  Not only that it had free parking due to Easter, like, 1 min walk from the hotel! yay!

140419 - Berlin -3
the only car that was used in Germany for a very long time…

140419 - Berlin -4140419 - Berlin -5
the traffic light symbol in East Germany

This was my favourite part of the visit – reading history and the Berlin wall.  I felt so ignorant, I knew so little.  We didn’t have a guidebook this time, which is what I would normally do, read up the history or have Tom read me Smile They had set up boards at the wall, story after story, sequence of events, newspaper clippings.  It was so sad to read them.  People were being eliminated for being terminally ill, gay, Jew.  I don’t think we could ever understand what really happened here… I could have stayed there all day reading, but we had already spent too much time standing and reading, we had to skip the indoor museum.

140419 - Berlin -6
140419 - Berlin -7
140419 - Berlin -8140419 - Berlin -9
140419 - Berlin -11140419 - Berlin -19
140419 - Berlin -13
140419 - Berlin -12140419 - Berlin -22
140419 - Berlin -23
we saw lots of huge massive buildings like this one all over, now as offices/museums

140419 - Berlin -14
tourist auto-rickshaws everywhere!

140419 - Berlin -15
140419 - Berlin -16
140419 - Berlin -18
the island of museums
140419 - Berlin -17
see that huge golden giant looking in?

140419 - Berlin -25140419 - Berlin -29140419 - Berlin -30
We stopped by at a cute Russian place recommended by Hanne’s guide book,Tadshikische Teahouse.
Tom had a fancy tea set – you drink a cup of tea – then a shot of vodka – then down with another cup of tea,
served with raisins and nuts beautifully marinated in…vodka Smile
We had a DELICIOUS Borscht – not the typical beef one with vegetables, but one of BEETROOT.  it was YUMMY.
My ice-lemon tea t
ea was disappointing though, completely bland.
140419 - Berlin -26140419 - Berlin -27
140419 - Berlin -24
140419 - Berlin -32140419 - Berlin -31
140419 - Berlin -34140419 - Berlin -35

140419 - Berlin -36
they have double-decker here!

140419 - Berlin -37

In the evening, we met up with  Ariana, fried of Siegfried. (3 laywyers together, we were odd ones out!).  She took us to a cosy street with lots of restaurants, and we had at a Turkish place.  it was so CHEAP (for Belgian standards!)  and YUMMYYY

I had a beef stew…yummm….with a tomato base…

Tom took a platter from the window… they had all kinds of humus,…including jalapeno cheese…
My favourite was a huge pepper stuffed with Turkish spiced rice.

And we ended the evening with pretty  cocktails Smile


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