Berlin: Day 2/2


We were exhausted on this morning.  Mostly because we barely slept the night before at the stop after dusseldorf, and we had walked ALL day literally the previous day. So we started a lazy day, and took the CAR to drive around the city.  We started out with an overpriced MEH brunch at a place I found on a food blog.  Then visited a beautiful palace in the same neighborhood of Charlottenberg.

140420 - Berlin -38
Overpriced MEH brunch found on some blog …  now I wish I had splurged on brunches in HK
140420 - Berlin -40
140420 - Berlin -42
140420 - Berlin -43140420 - Berlin -41
140420 - Berlin -44140420 - Berlin -45
140420 - Berlin -48
140420 - Berlin -52140420 - Berlin -57
140420 - Berlin -53140420 - Berlin -56
140420 - Berlin -55
140420 - Berlin -58
140420 - Berlin -59
140420 - Berlin -60
the German parliament!!!
140420 - Berlin -62
this Brandenbergh gate was a disappointment.  for once, we were soo proud of Belgium!!
This arch was like soooo small compared to the one in Brussels!

140420 - Berlin -63

140420 - Berlin -65
and then we had some half-decent indian food, including DOSA!!!
dosa was NOWHERE near the ones we had in toronto – it was neither paper thin nor crispy.
But still, it was like a home-made dosa, not too bad

140420 - Berlin -66140420 - Berlin -67
And then we visited the East Side Gallery.  Part of the Berlin wall that was still standing.
There were some nice graffitti/paintings,
but it was awful to see so many people had just written bull shit all over the wall, yikes! 

140420 - Berlin -69
140420 - Berlin -70
140420 - Berlin -72
140420 - Berlin -74
140420 - Berlin -76
140420 - Berlin -77
love this. 
140420 - Berlin -79
140420 - Berlin -80140420 - Berlin -81
lucky for us, Hanne is just as picky and indecisive as us (read: me only lol) when choosing a place to eat!
we walked for almost an hour , unable to find something that was really interesting,
and finally decided to go eat Vietnamese recommended by the guide book “Wong’s”
GOOD DECISION!!!! the pho was soo goooood!!!  the dumplings were also goood and the drinks…mmmmm
all kinds of fruity cocktails, tom had mango cocktail, siegfried a raspberry, I had lime soda! 

140421 - Berlin -82140421 - Berlin -83
the next day we did a 7-hr drive back to little Belgium, with a stop in Hannover
140421 - Berlin -84140421 - Berlin -87
140421 - Berlin -88
probably the grandest city hall I’ll ever see! 

soooo many windmills along the highway!!
turns out  Germany has SO much renewable energy that they NEED To sell it off to other countries
or they’d have an overload on the electricity network!
every country should invest so much in renewable energy. 

what a beautiful sky.  a lovely 2 day outside of Belgium. 


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  1. Leena

    Eggs look overlooked!

    Interesting paintings…

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