Happy 30!!!

I’ve been wanting to do this since…forever!!!  A big surprise party was never practically possible before, we lived in different countries, and I barely know T’s friends.   But that didn’t stop me from dreaming of doing something like this.   And then  living together for the past 1 year (!!) has changed all that.  And T’s best friends became my best friends as well Smile

So I planned… in my head.. like the procastinating dreamer I am.  And soon it was Friday, and we were grocery shopping, and Tom was starting to notice… I wanted to buy sangria wine, you know, for the dinner guests we would be having next week…  and doritos… and a lot of smoked salmon…  SOOOOO… in order to keep the surprise I had to NOT buy them!!!  And then came Saturday.  The boys had arranged an afternoon of biking so I could go get last minute stuffs….except that it was POURING rain and for the first time every, the boys STILL wanted to go biking even in the rain.  Suspicions were HIGH now…  But I had told Tom that I’d be preparing a romantic meal for two with a fancy menu so I needed the kitchen to myself.

So while Tom went driving – I went to the pick up the cake – in the rain – in my FIRST CAR DRIVE ALONE that is NOT to the grocery store.  Turned out the cake was delivered to the wrong location, and then I had to input it into the GPS and drive to the other location – all in pouring rain (while illegally parking cos I did not know how to do those parallel parking yet).  Except that it took a WHOLE hour to go to the second store (traffic due to rain), and then still going to dehaize grocery to pick up things, and then I reached home at only 6.30!!! I told everyone to be here by 7.30 and nothing was ready, yikes!!!

And then Nathalie arrived with a huge crate of thigns and lots of PAELLA (as planned)!!!   in 30 mins, we had 2 unexpected very early arrivals, Humpy and Danitza.  So I started delegating.  Nathalie and I worked on the food, and I exploited our early arrivals to setting up table, cutting salami, blowing balloons and what not!!!  These 3 really helped save the day (thank you so much!!! ).  Humpy and Danitza were even going into our rooms and grabbing things for the set up – no formality at all, ah my kind of people Smile

and before we knew it – EVERYONE was here.  Ah. so much food, good company, and amazing dessert.  Here are the only pics I had from iphone…

140510 - Happy30 -1
one picture with the preparation team before everyone arrived! 
140511 - Happy30 -7
Crazy delicious Chocolate Bomb cake from the famous french bakery Pain Quotidien
Finally I found amazing chocolate desserts at this place.
(it’s a bit broken on the there cos I stuck the whole “plaque” on and it was too heavy and broke)
140510 - Happy30 -2140510 - Happy30 -3
A minute before everyone joined the dining table…
140511 - Happy30 -5
Couldn’t have done it without EVERYONE”S help!!! esp to keep Tom busy and all the last minute prep!

140511 - Happy30 -6
140511 - Happy30 -4

140511 - Happy30 -11140511 - Happy30 -9

the next day was so quiet in contrast.  we hung out till afternoon before going to town…
to visit a “truck food fair” , cool concept but poor turnout
but we passed STARBUCKS and what better bday treat than a java frappucino…
it was pretty good even though I’m not a starbucks fan!

140511 - Happy30 -8
140511 - Happy30 -10
and ending the actual day with tandoori !!!

Happy 30th again Love, I had so much fun doing this!
To many many more exciting years ahead.

lots of love. 



  1. this is so sweet, Lily! you did an excellent job pulling it off- despite all the obstacles! 😉 happy (belated) birthday, Tom!

  2. tomandlily

    i love you sweetie, you make me a lucky man

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